what is happening in Great Britain – Libero Quotidiano

what is happening in Great Britain – Libero Quotidiano
what is happening in Great Britain – Libero Quotidiano

The increase in infections is worrying Great Britaindespite the excellent results of the vaccination campaign. Rising numbers would have prompted the government led by Boris Johnson to evaluate a two-week postponement to stop all restrictive measures. The return to normality, in fact, was scheduled for 21 June. The growth of positive cases at Covid it is mainly due to the spread of the Indian variant. So much so that yesterday in the United Kingdom over 6 thousand infections were recorded, the highest figure since March.

The increase in positives in one week would be 75%, according to the British National Bureau of Statistics. And consequently the contagion index, the RT, also reached a value between 1 and 1.2. Thus, the government – according to the Telegraph – would be thinking of postpone the lifting of all restrictive measures by two weeks in order to speed up vaccinations with the second dose for over 40s. And not only that: we would also be thinking of moving the distance between the first and second dose from 12 to 8 weeks, as is already done for over 50s. Furthermore, starting next week, it will also open to over 25s.

The situation is different in Scotland, where it was decided to gradually ease the restrictive anti-Covid measures. The city of Glasgow, for example, passed – after several months – to level 2 of restrictions along with 13 other areas, including that of Edinburgh. What exactly happens at level 2? It is allowed to consume food and drinks in public places indoors and meetings between people who do not live together in private homes are also allowed.

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happening Great Britain Libero Quotidiano

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