“Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci in crisis”: the indiscretion

“Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci in crisis”: the indiscretion
“Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci in crisis”: the indiscretion

“Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci in crisis”: the indiscretion comes from Deianira Marzano, influencer and columnist of Afternoon Cinque, who spoke on Instagram about the love story between the two actors. There would be many clues that suggest a possible crisis between Marco and Laura that until now had appeared very united and close-knit.

They have not exchanged likes and comments for some time his instagram, while a follower of Deianira, who claims to live in the same city as the couple, said she never saw them together again, as often happened in the past. “It often happened to see them together with the children, in the last period only her,” he wrote. Obviously, these are only rumors that have not had, at least for now, any feedback.

In fact, Bocci could be far from home because he is busy on the set, as has already happened on other occasions, and there lack of likes on Instagram it could be linked exclusively to a particularly intense period for the actors from a working point of view.

Successful stars, very reserved about their private life, Marco Bocci and Laura Chiatti got married in 2014. An overwhelming love, crowned by the birth of their children Pablo and Enea. A few months ago, as a guest on Domenica In, Bocci had told the link with Chiatti. “I love my job so deeply that I dedicate so much energy to it – he explained -. Before making a character I spend many hours thinking even if it seems that I do something else. I read the script obsessively, I’m a pain in the ass […] When you are in love with a profession it is very easy to fall into the trap that the profession is your life. My life is something else, my family, my children, my wife ”.

In the studio too Laura’s intervention who had dedicated a video message to her husband: “They say that in life you have to do three things: have a child, write a book, plant a tree. You have written two books, you have had two children – he said -. Now you just have to plant a tree ”.


Laura Chiatti Marco Bocci crisis indiscretion

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