story of Paratici’s best moment at Juve

story of Paratici’s best moment at Juve
story of Paratici’s best moment at Juve

Borriello’s goal at Cesena: story of Paratici’s best moment at Juve. The former Juventus manager preferred that snapshot to any transfer market shot

Fabio’s best moment Paratici to Juventus it’s not an amazing shot transfer market, it is not a talent discovered and hired before the others, it is not even the victory of one of the many trophies raised in these 11 years of Juventus. Fabio Paratici’s best moment at Juventus is «Borriello’s goal in Cesena», A goal that has taken on an iconic value in the recent history of the Old Lady, engraved in the memory of Juventus fans and therefore also in that of a manager who has always shown great attachment to the Juventus cause.

It was April 25, 2012 when the Juventus leader of Antonio Conte visited the Cesena (already relegated) five days before the end of the championship. Three points of advantage on the Milan second and the dream of going to win what would later become the first championship in the cycle of nine. A strange game, almost cursed: Pirlo misses a penalty after 9 minutes, the goalkeeper Antonioli makes miraculous interventions in the series and Juve finds themselves stuck in a game perhaps taken for granted. At 75 ′ the change of providence with Conte who recalls Matri and sends Borriello, a backup striker and up to that moment a marginal factor in the extraordinary Juventus season (0 goals). 5 minutes later the attacker finds an incredible southpaw on the fly by Vucinic that unlocks the match and sends a people frustrated by Calciopoli first and then by two seventh places in ecstasy. The race that culminates with the embrace a Conte it is the exhilarating snapshot of a rematch that has been overdue for too long. All this while the Milan he was struggling to win at home against Genoa; the commentary of the biased commentator became legendary in that game Mauro Suma who announced Cesena’s non-existent goal to Manuzzi with the cry of: “Cesena equalized!“. A “ghost goal” that could have given a different ending to but that certainly gave intimate happiness to any Juventus fan. Better than bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus? Per Paratici Yup.


story Paraticis moment Juve

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