The Chinese slum of vergona: what happens in Milan

The Chinese slum of vergona: what happens in Milan
The Chinese slum of vergona: what happens in Milan

Just take a few steps, not too many, outside the center of Milan to understand the degradation that surrounds it. Scalo Farini is an area located near the monumental cemetery of Milan, not far from the central districts of Isola and Garibaldi. Here, Silvia Sardone, municipal councilor and MEP of the League, carried out an inspection and discovered another heavily degraded area, which although it is in the plans of the municipality to redevelop, at the moment it is in unsuitable conditions.

What the councilor saw is shameful: “I carried out an inspection inside the Farini airport of which the Sala administration often boasts for future redevelopment, but forgetting the present. Beyond the tracks, close to the abandoned buildings there is a large one shanty town abusive populated by Chinese nationals with children in tow forced to live in poor sanitation conditions“.

And it does not even seem to be something easy to clear, since Silvia Sardone has seen that “new shacks are under construction in these days and the inhabitants themselves have told me that the social workers of the Municipality have never seen each other: this is the integration you like on the left?

This is just one of the many situations on the edge of Milan. Here, perhaps also given the proximity to Chinatown where many Asians resident in the city work, mainly Chinese citizens have settled and the community of Scalo Farini seems destined to grow. “Even inside some structures close to the railway workers’ offices, other Chinese have settled, visibly under the influence of hard drugs: they live in very few square meters. And also the building that is located beyond the railway is illegally occupied by other Chinese who have told me they have been there for 5 years“explained Silvia Sardone.

The MEP, therefore, asks a legitimate question: “How is it possible that the Common know nothing of this city in the very organized city that is getting bigger and bigger? As usual the mayor and his council prefer to hide the sand under the carpet and all that is far from the spotlight does not count for them“.

But Silvia Sardone adds another detail to an already very degrading picture for Milan: “Even the huge building where a few years ago the Democratic Party organized the Unity Day it is illegally occupied by other Moroccan and Senegalese immigrants. Close to this building I found piles of skeletons of objects, probably stolen goods for resale. In the background to this third world scenario there are the Vertical Forest and the skyscrapers of Piazza Gae Aulenti: this is the demonstration of the failure of leftist policies which only in words shows solidarity and social commitment, while in fact they don’t care highly and thinks only of transmitting a photograph of the city that absolutely does not correspond to reality“.

Silvia Sardone, therefore, hopes that the Municipality of Milan will proceed quickly with the evacuation “and check out the location of the approximately 50 residents. A city that professes to be international like ours cannot have situations of degradation on the territory e social desease so extreme“.

Even the municipal councilor in fora Lega, Stefano Pavesi, commented on what Silvia Sardone denounced: “The Mayor Sala he often speaks of dream Milan but for many living in this city is a nightmare. The images are emblematic: the Milan of the left is a disaster in many areas and the junta does not bother in the least to intervene“.

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