«At the European Championship I will observe the Roma players. Italy is among the four strongest “

«At the European Championship I will observe the Roma players. Italy is among the four strongest “
«At the European Championship I will observe the Roma players. Italy is among the four strongest “

Josè Mourinho during the European Championship he will play the role of commentator for some British media, then he will fly to Italy where he will be there Roma waiting for him to start a new adventure as a technician. The Special One through the columns of The Sun analyzes the main teams that will participate in Euro 2020, including Roberto’s Italy Mancini who called up three Giallorossi players:

«I will observe my Roma players who are Leonardo Spinazzola, Bryan cristante e Lorenzo Pellegrini, of course I will focus on them. Italy is a team with a good mix of players with good experience, guys who know how to win. It is a strong national team. Roberto Mancini is a highly experienced coach: he has spent 20 years coaching in the best leagues of the best countries, so he is more than ready and is already showing how good he is in the qualifying phase. The team has improved a lot under him. Italy has talented players and has excellent tactical knowledge. I am able to play with different modules. Roberto is giving them a little more offensive quality, but they don’t lose their nature and they know how to compete. I think this is their best quality. It is difficult to find weaknesses. Three of the four finalists could arrive ».

Mou’s prediction

But the favorite to win the title is there France: «He could make a team A, a B and a C because at the moment they have an incredible number of top players. When you have Kylian Mbappé on your side it is very difficult not to win. He is one of those players who wins games and scares his opponents. Mbappé goes to great lengths to try to prove he is the best after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Didier Deschamps he knows what he wants. They are the world champions and runners-up to the last European Championships. For them not making it to the final would be a failure and I don’t think Deschamps reads or listens to the outside … I think he only knows what he wants. I can’t see any weakness. If I had to say a team will win, I would tell them because the group of players is fantastic ».

More critical about the Spain of Luis Enrique: «He has a young generation of players and Luis Enrique believes in a certain type of football. They don’t score enough goals for the football they play. You can be punished by a smart defense that waits for you and then hits you. They should annihilate their opponents for the way they play. They take risks, they make the field very big and wide when they have the ball and they are a little fragile when they lose possession. Luis was my player when I was in Barcelona a long time ago. He has great leadership skills. He will have the whole team around him. They can beat anyone, but I don’t see them in the final ».

More certainties on England: «It’s a generation full of good players. The team is incredible. It will be quite difficult for Gareth Southgate have the whole country agree with his choices because there are so many alternatives. Just look at right-backs: who is the best English returning? Who is second best? Who is the third best? The rose is very good, full of options. It’s not like others where you can field a good starting 11, but then during the competition you may find yourself in trouble with an injury or a disqualification. Gareth is gaining a lot of experience as a national team manager. It has a great assistant inside Steve Holland and this is very important in modern football. We cannot be alone on our travels. We must be surrounded by good people ».

The Germany, on the other hand, he is going through a moment of transition: «The team of Joachim Low she was very bad in qualifying and in the Nations League. But now this is the moment of truth and normally in the moment of truth, Germany will be there. These will also be the last Euros for players like Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels and Manuel Neuer. They are always a team to be feared. They are soldiers. They are very disciplined guys. They have very talented young people like Joshua Kimmich. The Germans are the Germans and that says it all. I think they can go out in the group stage, but also that they can go all the way ».

Finally, his Portugal: «Ruben Dias is the best central defender in the world now. With his move to Manchester City he is gaining a great level of notoriety. He is a fantastic central defender and the one next to him, Pepe, is a 38-year-old with a lot of experience. This can be a strength for Portugal which have many talented players in attack. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer a kid and this is probably his last European. I think he will do anything to be successful for the last time.

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