here are the real reasons why he said no to Tottenham-

here are the real reasons why he said no to Tottenham-
here are the real reasons why he said no to Tottenham-
Conte leaves Inter: Antonio and those (almost always) stormy relations with his clubs
Not even the Scudetto brings peace
The reasons

To weigh were the doubts of Antonio who, despite the desire for a new experience in England after two years at Chelsea, did not appear convinced of the London club’s plan. The Tottenham, seventh in the last championship, remained outside the Europe of the greats: in fact, he will restart from the newborn Conference League. Conte had doubts about the real potential of the team and its competitiveness in the presence of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea e Liverpool. It was essential for him to have a chance to compete for success right away. The economic situation of Tottenham, weighed down by the huge investment for the new stadium and by the pandemic, would not have allowed an adequate market. In addition, Harry Kane, the Spurs star, made it clear that he was fed up with not winning and being attracted by the sirens of the Citizens and Real Madrid. If we add the stumbling block on the composition of the staff that Conte could have brought with him (no more than 4 loyalists), the complete picture.

No tandem with Paratici

No Tottenham, then. Do not reconstitute tandem with Fabio Paratici, former manager of the technical area of ​​Juve with whom he had worked from 2011 to 2014. Paratici, who greeted the Juventus club on Friday, one step away from signing with Spurs. And now Conte what to do? I am a person who is not satisfied with ‘comfortable’ situations. And Inter is the most difficult decision – he explained to Dazn -. Where do I see myself in five years? I would like to have experiences abroad, maybe in America. For the shorter term future, a sabbatical to recharge after the Nerazzurri experience cannot be excluded. The benches of the top clubs, in fact, are all occupied at the moment. Waiting for a seat to become available …

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