the reaction of Diego Bianchi

the reaction of Diego Bianchi
the reaction of Diego Bianchi

Roberto Angelini returns to Propaganda Live after the controversy over illegal work and the decision to leave television. Diego Bianchi had left the door open to the musician, but on social media many criticized the return that took place on the occasion of the last episode of the program broadcast on La7. The musician, for years in the band of the program, had decided to take a break after finding himself in the middle of a case: he himself had revealed that he had been fined for having a friend of his work illegally in his restaurant.

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Roberto Angelini returns to Propaganda Live

“I apologize. I was wrong and I’m sorry. I put the guitar back in the case and take a break », he wrote on social media, but last night he was back in the studio and there was no lack of criticism. “Too bad for the ending … with one Angelini too many”, reads the comments to the post by conductor Diego Bianchi who greeted his audience on Twitter and thanked him. “I defended you for everything, but bringing Angelini back is wrong for me. I sincerely hope that there are excuses: like that everything is resolved with the worker », we read again. “Angelini, who returns to Propaganda Live after just a week, makes it clear that you are no different from the others, lots of chatter and few facts,” writes another user.

Roberto Angelini, the reaction of Diego Bianchi

Angelini runs a Japanese restaurant in Rome and after initially receiving support he was widely criticized and apologized for opting for the “withdrawal”. Yesterday he returned to the studio and the conductor Diego Bianchi carried on the usual themes as if nothing had happened.

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reaction Diego Bianchi

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