Fiat, goodbye to petrol and diesel: it will produce only electric cars by 2030

Fiat, goodbye to petrol and diesel: it will produce only electric cars by 2030
Fiat, goodbye to petrol and diesel: it will produce only electric cars by 2030

Within 10 years, Fiat will only produce electric cars, at least in Europe. The radical change for the brand was suggested in these hours by the company’s CEO, Olivier Francois, which indicated a time frame between 2025 and 2030 within which the revolution will take place. This could mean that the transition will accelerate in the second half of the decade, with Fiat becoming a “electric only” manufacturer by the end of the current decade.

“Today, in this new scenario, the brand has a new mission: to create sustainable mobility for all. Our duty to bring electric cars to the market that cost no more than those with internal combustion engines, as soon as possible, in line with the decline. of battery costs “, were the words of the CEO of Fiat. “We are exploring the territory of sustainable mobility for all: this is our greatest project. Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will gradually become electric only. It will be a radical change for Fiat.”

Fiat manufacturer of electric-only cars, by 2030

It is a revolution that has already been anticipated, but never in such a radical way. The historic Turin car manufacturer, now owned by Stellantis, had already announced that 60% of the vehicles in the range would be electric or electrified by 2021. On that occasion there was talk of hybrid vehicles, while in the new announcements clear reference to 100% electric. Fiat’s objective is only relatively surprising, but it makes the times in which the company seemed to avoid the electric revolution finally be considered over. A strategy that would potentially fail, today, since Fiat’s production focuses mainly on small cars for the city, a segment that could see a surge in sales very soon as regards purely electric vehicles.

However, the Fiat revolution seems very distant, since the proprietary range of 100% electric vehicles is not very substantial today. The company has recently launched the Fiat 500e, in fact only offered with an electric motor since the standard and hybrid versions are still based on the previous generation and will be produced as long as there is demand. The next Fiat electric vehicle could be a reinterpretation of the Fiat Panda based on the Fiat Concept Centoventi shown for the first time a few years ago in Geneva.

Crucial, in electrification plan of the Fiat range, will select (in a relatively short time) the platforms dedicated to electric vehicles for all brands of the FCA and PSA Groups. Developing global solutions will in fact be the key factor behind Fiat’s transition to electricity by 2030, and the transition to electricity in general in the automotive world. Clearly it will also be very important battery development: according to recent rumors, Fiat is considering together with the Italian government the construction of a battery factory in Italy to support its production needs.

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