Archaeologist goes to the bar and discovers stolen historical artifacts as furniture of the place

Archaeologist goes to the bar and discovers stolen historical artifacts as furniture of the place
Archaeologist goes to the bar and discovers stolen historical artifacts as furniture of the place

He was inside the room, intent on consuming his order, when his gaze focused on the furniture, noting capitals and statues. The client, an archaeologist by profession, understood the importance of the finds and alerted the police. The facts in via Frascati.

When they arrived on the spot, the agents of the Appio commissioner directed by Pamela De Giorgi, found the manager of the bar in the company of a restaurateur intent on unloading objects from a van that two archaeological officials of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Appia Antica archaeological park have classified as historical artifacts of high value.
Questioned by police officers, the two men (a 25 year old and a 64 year old, both Roman) explained: “We were looking for outdoor furniture items and we bought them online” providing the name of the seller, who, among other things, he had given them the items. The woman, aged 76, was surprised by the value of the objects purchased by the two merchants who, to the agents, reported having sold without compensation, showing others as well.

At the end of the transaction, buyers and sellers were reported for receiving stolen goods and violation of articles 175 and 176 of the code of cultural heritage and landscape, against the 64-year-old the crime of resistance and threat to a public official was also charged. threats and invectives addressed to agents during subsequent formalities.

The historical artifacts seized

An intact “large African” amphora with a height of about 90 cm and a diameter of 17 cm was seized. The specimen has a rectangular stamp on the edge, a handle is reassembled. Indicative chronology of the Roman imperial period. Authentic. And again A large African amphora that can be reassembled at the height of the upper shoulder band, in two fragments, with an overall height of about 90 cm and a diameter at the edge, with a triangular section of about 16 cm. Indicative chronology of the Roman imperial period. Authentic.

During the operations, a sculptural artifact in green marble of 4 fragments of decimeter size and 2 centimeter fragments was also seized. The artifact has a decoration consisting of a sea monster that has some traces of reworking from a later period, which at a first analysis make both a chronological attribution and an evaluation of actual authenticity complex. However, the rarity of the material seems to confirm a hypothesis of originality (to be verified).

Finally, a fragment of a marble patera with medusa decoration, diameter 24 cm, a medieval travertine capital, a fragment of a frame with Putini and Festoons decoration, 43×24 cm, a marble statue height 52 cm depicting a fight between a centaur and a Putino, with traces of ancient restoration pins, presumably a statue from the Roman imperial era. Not only that, a partially mutilated marble statuette, height 38 cm, depicting a bearded man, presumably the Greek god Poseidon, statue presumably from the Roman imperial era, a fragment of green marble sculpture, with sea monster decoration, three centimeter fragments of green marble , a polygonal base in green marble with a diameter of less than 63 cm and a diameter of more than 50 cm.

Four young people sat at the table in the room, one arrested for drugs

On the sidelines of the discovery, the same agents of the Appio police station, while operating in the bar in via Frascati, smelled the typical smell of marijuana coming from a table where 4 young people were sitting. Following checks, two of them had weed. The policemen then ransacked their homes and around 130 grams of hashish and marijuana were found at the home of a 22-year-old Roman, as well as the material for weighing the individual doses. The boy was arrested for detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

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