120 Giga and 5G at no cost

Iliad is ready to beat the competition with a new and indispensable offer. So let’s go into the details and see what it consists of.

Covid has forcefully entered our lives forcing us to change many of ours habits. Starting from the use of the masks, up to the social distancing, passing through the various restrictions, in fact, there are many things to which we must continuously pay attention. A particularly complicated historical moment, which unfortunately leads many families to have to deal with a difficult management of family budget.

In fact, there are many items that affect our pockets, such as the weekly shopping, or the bills of water, electricity and gas. If all this were not enough, those concerning the mobile phone, which include costs for phone calls, text messages and internet. In this context it will be interesting to know that Iliad is ready to beat the competition with a truly incredible new rate. So let’s go into the details and see what it consists of.

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Iliad beats the competition: new tariff with 120 Giga and 5G for free

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With the arrival of summer, many are finally looking forward to unplugging from the various daily commitments and enjoying moments of relaxation. Just in view of the arrival of summer, therefore, Iliad has decided to surprise everyone once again, with a truly incredible new rate. For the month of June, in fact, subscribers can access the rate Flash 120, which provides 120 Giga and 5G at no cost.

In practice, those who decide to activate this rechargeable will have at their disposal 120 Giga to surf the internet with the preparatory speeds of 4G, unlimited calls and text messages to be able to communicate at any time with friends and relatives. The price for renewal is € 9.99 every 30 days.

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But not only that, thanks to Flash 120, Iliad also turns an eye to 5G technology. Iliad customers, in fact, will be able to use the new generation networks at no cost. This, of course, is possible in cities already covered by 5G networks, such as Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin.

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