“From music to civil commitment” – Corriere.it

“From music to civil commitment” – Corriere.it
“From music to civil commitment” – Corriere.it

Eighty years lived lightly. Stage after stage, as a tour or as one of his solo trips. Pietruccio Montalbetti, guitarist of Dik Dik since 1965, now adds the new novel The Mystery of the Abandoned Bicycle to a long career. This time no travel or music, the story set in post-World War II Milan.

What story does it tell?
We are in 1948 hunting down the Nazi-fascists escaped capture by the allies. The protagonist, Luca, a former partisan who became a carabiniere who searches for and brings criminals to justice.

A challenging theme.
Yes, I wanted to tackle the theme of Nazi-Fascism because I feel the danger of denial that is spreading in society. At the bottom of the book, I thank Senator Liliana Segre for having wanted the word “indifference” to be entered on Track 21 for future generations.

a very different genre from the previous ones.
Travel stories such as “Settanta a Settemila” which tells of my climbs on the peaks of the Himalayas had a strong autobiographical part: the journey as a means to get to know yourself, provided you do it outside the tourist circuits.

And the bicycle in the title?
The protagonist notices a bicycle tied to a railing in Sant’Eustorgio. Only in the course of history will it be discovered that the bike hides coded messages.

He decided to donate the proceeds from the sales.
They will be donated to a residence for the elderly of the Jewish community, a choice that is linked to the theme of the book and which was suggested to me by my friend Moni Ovadia. a way to link the commitment I put into writing to a civil commitment, for the next.

Among the books he wrote there is Me and Lucio Battisti.
It seemed only right to write it: I tried to tell the person as great friends as we were, explaining the reason for his character too often defined as “difficult”. We met for the first time in a parish hall in via dei Cinquecento, at the Corvetto used by Ricordi as a recording studio. He was on the floor: you could already see the character, with the curls and the tight jacket.

Ermino Pepe Salvaderi passed away in December due to complications from Covid-19.
We have lost a brother, a friend, a great musician. But after many years of career together with Lallo (Giancarlo Sbriziolo) we said to ourselves that we have not lost him: his artistic and human heritage will always remain part of Dik Dik.

After fifty years of career with the band, his first solo album Niente was released three years ago.
a record that I am fond of due to the presence of Ricky Gianco and Cochi Ponzoni in the song “I Ragazzi di via Stendhal”, already included in the album “Isole in viaggio” by Dik Dik. We grew up together on that path and were also schoolmates. On the disc there are two covers: the Italian versions of “Nothing but the Whole” by Jacob Dylan and Lo “Straniero” by George Moustaki.

Via Stendhal gave the title to his first book.
S, “The boys of via Stendhal. Portrait of a generation ”released eleven years ago and in which I tell my youth as happens in the novel“ The boys of the Pl street ”by Ferenc Molnr. When I was a kid we left here for adventures towards the Olona which had not yet been covered, in the area of ​​Viale Misurata: in the 1950s there were still fields, it was a bit like our Far West.

And how did the passion for writing come about?
It comes from the need to stop memories on paper, an expressive means that for me works on memory and that imposes solitude. As a reader, I am interested in astronomy, philosophy, the traditions of peoples who have never come into contact with the white man as happened to me during an expedition to the Orinoco several years ago.

Among so many trips, Milan remains a fixed point.
I was born here and spent my whole life there while traveling a lot. I am linked to my home in Milan as the “den” where I can write and rest. In Milan I had my first successes with Dik Dik and now my city continues to inspire me for the books I have planned: on my desk I have six new projects.

What do you think of the Italian rap scene?
Frankly, I can’t understand it as a musical phenomenon. For me, music is rock.

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