Check the shock video: the last 30 seconds of life on the cable car

Check the shock video: the last 30 seconds of life on the cable car
Check the shock video: the last 30 seconds of life on the cable car

The two color cameras of the video surveillance system located in the arrival station at Mottarone have filmed the latest 30 seconds life of passengers on board the cabin that crashed to the ground on Sunday 23 May. The cable car had practically arrived at its destination and those on board were now putting their masks in place, looking at the landscape, and getting ready to spend a relaxing afternoon in the midst of nature. Everyone be careful not to forget anything. Suddenly, however, a backward jolt causes the passenger compartment to wobble which, instead of continuing and reaching the concrete of the pit, rotates 90 degrees backwards and when it reappears, no one can be seen on board. All 15 passengers fell on top of each other to the ground. The cabin, on the other hand, still continued to swing before crashing.

The last 30 seconds of life

As pointed out by Repubblica, there are two videos that were deposited by the investigators in the file to illustrate the dynamics of the disaster that on Sunday 23 May cost the lives of 14 people. And he left a 5-year-old boy, Eitan, orphaned. These images are looked at and looked at by the technical consultants who are trying to understand the causes that caused the terrible accident. These are 30 seconds of images recorded by the cameras at 12.12, taken from two different angles that begin when the car begins to slow down to approach the Mottarone station. Filming ends when the cabin has crashed to the ground, in the middle of the woods. One of the shots remains fixed on the passenger compartment, while the other is turned towards the attendant who, seeing the cabin 3 approaching, prepares to open the hatch to let the occupants get out.

Here’s what you see in the videos

The employee in question is Pietro Tarizzo, 37, a seasonal worker since 2017. “A loud noise breaking net “ he will tell the carabinieri later. In the images we see that Tarizzo walks away, worried that the stranded cable could run over him. Run back “To prevent people waiting to approach and to save me. I pressed the button that activates the emergency brake on the hauling rope but it didn’t work “. And the reason was given by the fact that the “fork” was inserted and therefore deactivated the brake, not allowing its operation.

It doesn’t appear from the videos that the cabin is going particularly fast but its sway makes it look like a sliver in free fall. Once you get to the reels of the pylon number 3 is thrown into the void. A few moments later it is smashed to the ground. From the images you cannot see the cabin rolling on the ground because the camera remains fixed on the grass, where the cables of the cable car pass. The area behind pylon number 3 is not filmed by the cameras because it is too steep. The images end like this. There is no smoke, as reported by some witnesses, nor the first responders arrive at the scene of the tragedy.


Check shock video seconds life cable car

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