More than 24 thousand hires in the Public Administration: the decree law

More than 24 thousand hires in the Public Administration: the decree law
More than 24 thousand hires in the Public Administration: the decree law

There is not only the single check among the measures approved yesterday by the government. Although overshadowed by the bonus for families, at the meeting of the council of ministers the go-ahead also came to the decree that defines the terms for the recruitment of new staff for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) . Make way for new hires that will serve to modernize the public administration and make justice more efficient. In particular, we are looking for experts in law, IT, accountants and engineers. The contracts will be for a fixed term and will be valid for five years, however the provision also establishes a quota of up to 40 percent of places in public competitions announced by the administrations in favor of those who have held fixed-term positions to work on the PNRR.

More than 24 thousand new hires in the PA: the government decree

Particular attention is paid to the reform of the justice system. The statement from the executive states that “to ensure the swift definition of judicial proceedings, the Ministry of Justice is authorized to initiate the procedures for the recruitment of a maximum contingent of 16,500 units of employees of the Office for the trial, in the period 2021- 2024, in two brackets, with a fixed-term employment contract with a maximum duration of 2 years and 9 months for the first bracket and 2 years for the second “.

Similarly, still explain from Palazzo Chigi, “to ensure the swift definition of the pending trials at 31 December 2019, the Administrative Justice is authorized, notwithstanding the current regulations, to initiate the recruitment procedures, in two brackets, of a maximum contingent of 326 units of employees at the Trial Office “. In the draft of the decree it is added that the employment contract will be for a fixed term “with a maximum duration of two years and nine months for the first bracket and two years for the second”.

The trial office

According to the text, the personnel who will have to work in the judicial offices must have a degree in law or, for a quota of places indicated in the announcement, “a degree in economics and commerce and political science or equivalent qualifications. or equivalent “. After all, as the Minister of Justice Cartabia recently recalled, the efficiency of the judicial machinery is one of the conditions set by the EU for having access to the Recovery funds. The idea of ​​the Minister Cartabia is to give full realization to the so-called “Trial Office”, or the team – introduced on an experimental basis in 2014 – which will have to work alongside the magistrates to speed up the machinery of justice and streamline the work of the prosecutors. The goal is to shorten the process times. And to do this you also need professionals who are not necessarily experts in law.

In fact, a further 5,410 recruitments are foreseen among the administrative staff of the justice system (including graduated IT technicians, accounting technicians, etc.). In all, according to what was said yesterday by the PA Minister Renato Brunetta, “22 thousand officials and experts will be hired for the offices of the trial and administrative justice”. “There will be no assaults on diligence, there will be no creative amendments but the whole government will monitor and if anything will improve its nature for the realization of the PNRR. There will be no firing, simply the blood of modernity inside a PA that had suffered in recent years” the minister commented specifying that the choice of the government was to “recruit high levels of management from the outside and that it was not only the internal career progression” to fulfill the recruitment.

The other assumptions to implement the recovery plan

Another 268 experts will support “the digital transition, innovation and cyber-security in the public administration” and will work for the Department for digital transformation led by Vittorio Colao. Not only. Another 500 professional figures will be employed “for the implementation of the institutional coordination, management, implementation, monitoring and control system of the PNRR”, of which 80 will be diverted to the State General Accounting Office. Basically, said Brunetta, “there will be 500 hires to report what we will spend, because if we don’t report it well, Europe won’t give us the money”. These are specialized profiles in the economic, legal, IT, statistical-mathematical, management engineering fields. In all, the batch provides for over 24 thousand recruitments, mostly in the justice sector but with a wide range of skills and not limited to the judiciary.

The new competitions and the recruitment of professionals “from outside”

These figures will be hired with the new formula of public competitions which provides for “the evaluation of qualifications for highly specialized figures and the provision of only the digital written test”. The text also authorizes, “in order to allow the selection of qualified managers”, the doubling of the percentages required by law for the attribution of managerial positions to subjects outside the public administration and to managers from other administrations. “We have a PA with a management in plaster, with little horizontal and vertical mobility. We thought this was the great opportunity to put it in competition with the outside world” explained Minister Brunetta, adding that it was decided to “recruit senior from outside. levels of management and that there was not only internal career progression. The good officials and managers who already exist in the PA have nothing to fear. We want the management to be strengthened in osmosis with the outside. It will be an efficient market, not closed: merit must prevail. The remuneration must be up to the market “.

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