Teacher training is a service in all respects, Gilda: it must be paid

“Training constitutes a service in all respects and as such, therefore, must be paid for. It is clear that the continuous incursions on work carried out by the government on the work of teachers will provoke a dispute destined to be resolved in the courtrooms and will create a climate of conflict in schools ”.

So Rino Di Meglio, national coordinator of the Guild of Teachers, comments on the meeting that took place today between trade unions and the Ministry of Education regarding the decree on the training of teachers without specialization of support.

The ministerial decree provides for the compulsory training of all teachers who have disabled pupils in their classes for the 2021/2022 school year, in total about 700,000 teachers. The training unit consists of 25 hours and exemption from service is not allowed.

“This is a rule that, as we had already denounced at the time of the enactment of the 2021 budget law, is in contrast with the 2016/2018 CCNL which defines training as a right / duty and not an obligation. Furthermore, again on the basis of the provisions of the national contract, there are two possibilities for training activities: either they fall within the 40 hours or they must be paid. No minister or head teacher – concludes Di Meglio – it may require teachers to train outside working hours “.

Support, training obligation for all (non-specialized) teachers who have disabled pupils in the classroom. No exemption from service. Ministerial decree is coming


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