Covid, Garavaglia: “Vaccine to tourists in Italy? Only if it is an exception “

Covid, Garavaglia: “Vaccine to tourists in Italy? Only if it is an exception “
Covid, Garavaglia: “Vaccine to tourists in Italy? Only if it is an exception “

The Minister of Tourism at the Trento Festival of Economics: “I am in favor with common sense of the second vaccination dose for foreign tourists or for Italians who travel for a particularly long period. Of course, if it becomes a rule it becomes chaos ”. On the European green pass: “It’s a matter of weeks”. And he announces: we will make the Superbonus 110% for “hotels”

“I am in favor of the second vaccination dose with common sense for foreign tourists who come to Italy or for Italians who travel for a particularly long period. The Regions, more or less, have reached an important coverage and this summer we will have some margins to deal with these exceptions. Of course if it becomes a rule it becomes chaos “. This was said by the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia who, speaking at the Trento Festival of Economics, also spoke about the European digital certificate Covid-19 (the European green pass): “It is a continuous study, we discuss refinements, but I think that we are now, it’s a matter of weeks: the deadline given by European countries is July 1 for operations “(LIVE UPDATES – SPECIAL – THE SITUATION IN ITALY WITH MAPS AND INFOGRAPHICS – DATA AND GRAPHICS ON VACCINES) .

“Do like France, ok entry for all vaccinated”


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“At last we will have common rules and simplicity, the problem for operators and tourists themselves is knowing how to move – said Garavaglia on the European digital certificate – France says ‘if they are vaccinated they all come’, yesterday I called Speranza and I told him that we must do it too “.” Greece – he added – makes us arrive with a tampon that lasts 72 hours and we 48, we must also do 72 hours, otherwise we are in difficulty “.” The green pass is the simplest thing in the world – then observed the minister – Circulate quietly if vaccinated, if you have swabs or if you are cured and you have antibodies “.

“We will make the Superbonus for hotels”


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“A second thing I particularly care about is the issue of improving 110% efficiency of hotel facilities – said Garavaglia – we have put this billion and 800 million” in the Recovery Plan and “regardless of the national budget choices we do it, because we need to improve accommodation facilities, not just hotels, but also b & bs and farm holidays “.

“Up to 3 billion for the redevelopment of structures”

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“We have carried out bridging operations. Since we are in Trentino, I will give the example of the closure of the mountain sector, so we created a Fund of 700 million, then passed to 800 – explained the Minister of Tourism – Another example is that we have supported hotels, but the concept is that, beyond the incentives, the two important measures are the financial ones for the redevelopment of the structures, we are talking about 1.8 billion euros which then become 3 with the leverage effect and redundancy for layoffs. We must therefore get out of state intervention and help companies to invoice. Because the real goal is to get companies to invoice as soon as possible “. “In the Pnrr – continued Garavaglia – the component linked to finance reaches 5 billion euros. State intervention must be there when necessary, but then it must be withdrawn immediately because the citizens make up the GDP”.

“Digital tourism hub against unfair competition”


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Then answering a question about “unfair” competition between accommodation facilities, the minister explained: “We closed the agreement with the Regions for the database on accommodation facilities, within two weeks we closed the game and found the common rules. for the database. The second point is the digital hub: we have a very simple idea, we will make an agreement with the main international organizations of digital tourism saying that those who come must register there. Those who do not, mean that they do not he wants to be in good standing “.

“Reform on tourist guides quickly”


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“One of the reforms to be made is that of the regulation of tourist guides – said Garavaglia – a sector in which there is great chaos and fragmentation between the regional autonomies, there are two bills in the Senate, which have already been heard and a process of refinement of the issue and I think that this matter can be resolved quickly, which is one of the reforms to be made in the NRP “. And he added: “We must also improve mobility between the villages. For example, there are many volunteers of lovers of small planes who, however, cannot develop the sector due to the regulations that do not allow to put a petrol pump on those who own a club plane. , then the tourist goes to other states that, in quotation marks, steal our customers. Seaplanes are not regulated, which would be a simpler tool to move between the islands. How should we intervene on the development of pleasure boating, destroyed by the absurd choice to tax. So the yachts have fled to neighboring countries. Returning to a regulation also from a fiscal point of view that puts us in full competition with Spain, France and Croatia is fundamental “.

“The aim is to recover one third of the 27 billion lost”


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Thanks to the extension of the tourist season and the vaccination campaign, the summer of 2021 could make it possible to recover “at least one third” of the 27 billion lost by the sector due to the pandemic, Garavaglia said. The forecasts on GDP growth of 0.6-0.7 points, continued the minister, are positive, and “the removal of a series of rules, such as the quarantine from some countries, also allows the foreign flow to restart. and therefore we recover a share of those 27 billion that we lost last year. And then we have 10% more Italians “. “The flows can be better distributed, it is no coincidence that in certain places the season extends until November, but this should be the norm. Extending the tourist season and organizing it thanks to digital technology allows for the management of flows and regulating them in a more organized “, added Garavaglia. The minister also spoke of the integrated ticket: “When you go to a well-organized country, they sell you a package with more sites to visit and this allows for a better distribution of flows and allows you to democratically avoid gatherings and masses at the monuments”.


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