if you go to the fifth set! – OA Sport

if you go to the fifth set! – OA Sport
if you go to the fifth set! – OA Sport


40-A Another break point for Musetti.

40-40 This time Cecchinato fails to dampen.

A-40 Nice straight from Cecchinato.

40-40 Fantastic dampened by Cecchinato

30-40 Cecchinato cancels the first.

15-40 Two break points for Musetti.

15-30 Musetti’s spectacular backhand.

2-1 Musetti remains ahead in the fifth set.

40-30 Musetti’s forehand on the net.

40-15 Cecchinato gets the answer wrong.

30-15 Musetti’s winning service.

15-15 Musetti misses the volley.

1-1 Game zero for Cecchinato.

40-0 Nice forehand by Cecchinato.

30-0 The passer-by fails to Musetti.

1-0 Musetti wins a difficult first game.

A-40 Another great service from Musetti.

40-40 Musetti’s first winner.

30-40 Cecchinato gets the answer wrong.

15-40 There are two break points for Cecchinato.

15-30 In the corridor the straight of Musetti.

15-15 Musetti’s backhand in the running.

0-15 It starts with a wrong forehand from Musetti.

THE FIFTH SET BEGINS! Musetti is needed.

It will therefore be the fifth set to decide the fate of the blue derby.


40-15 Two set points for Cecchinato.

30-15 Along the reverse of Cecchinato.

30-0 Service and straight from Cecchinato.

3-5 Game zero by Musetti, but now Cecchinato serves for the set.

40-0 Winning service from the Tuscan.

30-0 Winning straight from Musetti.

2-5 Game zero by Cecchinato, which consolidates the advantage.

40-0 Excellent straight from Cecchinato.

15-0 Cecchinato’s winning service.

2-4 Musetti with two backhand winners takes the game.

40-40 Service and straight to Musetti.

30-40 Another mistake by Musetti and a break point for Cecchinato.

30-30 Musetti cuts the forehand.

30-15 Excellent acceleration by Musetti.

1-4 Cecchinato keeps the break ahead

40-15 Cecchinato’s winning straight.

30-15 Service and smash by Cecchinato.

15-15 Musetti’s response is long.


30-40 Break ball for Cecchinato.

30-15 Excellent straight acceleration of the Tuscan.

0-15 Double foul by Musetti.

1-2 Cecchinato remains ahead in the fourth set.

40-30 Musetti’s winning line.

40-15 Splendid dampened by Cecchinato.

30-15 In the corridor the reverse of the Sicilian.

30-0 Cecchinato’s backhand.

1-1 Game zero by Musetti

40-0 Musetti controls very well at the net.

30-0 Cecchinato’s backhand on the net.

0-1 Cecchinato wins the first game to zero.

40-0 Musetti’s error.

30-0 Long backhand by Musetti.

15-0 First point for Cecchinato.

The fourth set begins with Cecchinato serving.

Really beautiful third set with Musetti who has come up with at least three incredible shots and which can also end up in the Top-10 of the whole tournament.


40-30 Set point per Musetti.

30-30 Smash by Musetti.

0-30 Musetti sinks the backhand.

5-3 INCREDIBLE PASSER BY MUSETTI! Smash by Cecchinato and Musetti arrives in the running and finds an unbreakable forehand that touches a piece of line. Nice then the curtain between the two Italians.

30-40 Long Cecchinato’s volley and break ball.

30-30 Musetti breaks through with the backhand.


15-0 Cecchinato follows the network service and closes.

4-3 Musetti comes to take the point at the net.

40-30 Another short ball missed by Musetti.

40-15 Another error in response from the Sicilian.

30-15 Cecchinato backhand stick.

15-15 Musetti’s bad short ball.

3-3 Great game of Cecchinato.

A-40 Cecchinato’s long volley.

40-40 Splendid first Cecchinato power station.

30-40 Break ball for Musetti!

30-30 Cecchinato closes with the high backhand volley.

15-30 Musetti’s recovery at the net is excellent.

15-15 Cecchinato misses straight.

3-2 Musetti holds an important service game.

A-40 Sniper Error.

40-40 The Sicilian lob just comes out.

30-40 Along the reverse of Cecchinato.

15-40 Two more break points for Cecchinato.

15-30 Musetti’s winning smash.

0-30 Musetti misses the damping and Cecchinato closes well then at the net.

2-2 Beautiful short ball from Cecchinato who wins the game.

40-15 Comfortable high volley by Cecchinato.

30-15 Cecchinato backhand stick.

30-0 Musetti’s response is long.


30-40 Ball of the counterbreak for Cecchinato.

30-30 Cecchinato’s answer on the tape.

15-30 Bravo Musetti to close the net.

0-30 Musetti wrong with the forehand.

2-0 CRAZY MUSETTI! THE SHOT OF THE TOURNAMENT! Cecchinato plays the serve from below, Musetti responds and on the Sicilian’s passer-by he invents an incredible volley behind his back. Break of the Tuscan.

0-40 Three break points for Musetti.

0-30 Along the Cecchinato straight. Musetti seems to be much more confident in this moment of the match.

1-0 Musetti wins the first game of the third set.

40-15 Musetti’s winning forehand fan.

30-0 Backhand Cecchinato wrong.

15-0 Musetti’s splendid backhand approach in the running.

The third set begins with Musetti at the service.

Equality in a blue derby so far very beautiful and hard fought.

6-4 MUSETTI WINS THE SECOND SET! Nice backhand passer of the Tuscan.

0-40 There are three set points for Musetti.

0-30 Extraordinary point by Musetti, who first invents the dampened counter and then finds the lob.

5-4 Musetti retains the advantage and now Cecchinato serves to stay in the set.

40-30 Cecchinato ends with the forehand.

40-0 Straight along the Tuscan line.

30-0 Winning service from Musetti.

4-4 Cecchinato’s winning dampened again.

A-40 Nastro and then a line for a lucky Cecchinato

40-40 Cecchinato shoots straight into the corridor.

A-40 Bravissimo Cecchinato with a nice short ball.

40-40 Musetti’s reply was long.

30-40 Super straight by Cecchinato hitting a small piece of line.

15-40 There are the first two break points for Musetti.

15-30 Double foul by Cecchinato.

15-15 Nice straight from Cecchinato.

4-3 Game zero for Musetti too.

40-0 Cecchinato misses the short ball.

30-0 Cecchinato’s forehand on the net.

3-3 Zero game of the Sicilian.

40-0 Another nice straight from Cecchinato.

30-0 Straight on the counterattack of Cecchinato.

3-2 Musetti wins a tough fifth game.

A-40 Along the reverse of the Sicilian.

40-40 Cecchinato straight counter-attack.

A-40 Musetti arrives in the race and closes with the backhand

40-40 Musetti’s short ball on the ribbon.

40-30 Third consecutive mistake for Cecchinato.

30-30 Cecchinato makes a mistake with the forehand.

0-30 Winner of Cecchinato’s forehand.

0-15 Musetti’s bad mistake in the net.

2-2 Cecchinato breaks through with the forehand and wins a good game in the service.

40-30 Cecchinato attacks with the forehand and Musetti makes a mistake.

30-30 Cecchinato misses a backhand.

30-15 Nice straight push from Cecchinato.

2-1 Musetti keeps the advantage in the second set.

A-40 Musetti closes the net with the high forehand volley.

40-40 Straight error by Musetti.

40-30 Musetti cuts the forehand.

40-15 Musetti’s obverse on the line.

30-15 Musetti closes well on the net.

15-15 Musetti goes out of bounds with the forehand.

1-1 Excellent game conquered by Cecchinato.

40-15 Along Musetti’s lob.

30-15 Cecchinato closes well at the net after a Musetti tape.

15-15 Musetti’s volley on the net.

1-0 Musetti wins the first game of the second set.

40-30 Cecchinato gets the answer wrong.

30-30 Cecchinato’s straight recovery is very long.

15-30 Service and straight to Musetti.

0-30 Cecchinato attacks well with the backhand.

0-15 Double foul by Musetti.

The second set begins.

The break in the second game was decisive. An excellent Cecchinato, especially in his shifts, where he lost only two points with the first.


40-30 Another straight mistake by the Sicilian.

40-15 Cecchinato makes a mistake with the forehand.

40-0 Perfect Cecchinato with the forehand. Three set points!

30-0 Musetti fails to recover straight.

3-5 Musetti wins the game but Cecchinato now serves for the first set.

40-15 Musetti’s excellent short ball.

30-15 Cecchinato makes a mistake with the backhand.

15-15 Nice straight from Cecchinato.

2-5 Musetti cuts the forehand and Cecchinato extends further.

40-15 Smash by Cecchinato.

30-15 Beautiful short ball by Cecchinato.

15-15 In the corridor the straight of Cecchinato.

2-4 Wonderful winner of Musetti.

40-30 Musetti misses the short ball, Cecchinato does not take advantage of it and is passed by his compatriot.

30-30 Along the reverse of Musetti.

30-0 Musetti’s winning smash.

1-4 Cecchinato retains the advantage of a break

40-15 Cecchinato fails to recover.

40-0 Another descent to the net of Cecchinato.

30-0 Very good Cecchinato with the stop volley

1-3 Musetti shortens the distance.

40-0 Wonderful volley in extension by Musetti.

30-0 Winning service from Musetti.

0-3 Cecchinato consolidates the advantage

40-15 The tape takes away the reverse of Musetti.

30-15 Double foul by Cecchinato.

30-0 Answer in the corridor by Musetti.

0-2 BREAK OF CECCHINATO! The net closure with the backhand volée is perfect.

40-A Another break point for Cecchinato.

40-40 Perfect short ball by Cecchinato.

A-40 Musetti’s winning service.

40-40 Bravo Musetti to attack with the forehand and to make Cecchinato wrong.

30-40 Cecchinato cues the answer.

15-40 Two break points for Cecchinato.

15-30 Musetti does not control the backhand.

15-15 Splendid against Cecchinato’s dampened.

0-1 First game for Cecchinato.

40-15 The Sicilian breaks through with the forehand.

30-15 Double foul by Cecchinato.

30-0 Service and straight from Cecchinato.

15-0 Immediately short ball from Musetti, but Cecchinato understands it and closes well.

THE DERBY BEGINS! Marco Cecchinato will be the first to serve.

11.02: The warm-up phase is in progress. In a very short time Musetti against Cecchinato.

10.55: This is the first Slam of his career for Musetti, while Cecchinato had already reached the third round last year, when he then lost to Zverev.

10.49: It’s a blue Saturday at Roland Garros. In fact, in addition to the derby, afterwards there will also be the matches of Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner, who respectively face the Korean Kwon Soonwoo and the Swede Mikael Ymer.

10.44: The winner of the blue derby will most likely face Novak Djokovic in the second round. The Serbian will later face Lithuanian Richard Berankis.

10.40: Musetti and Cecchinato have never faced each other in their careers.

10.35: Marco Cecchinato beat both the Japanese Uchiyama and the Australian Alex De Minaur in four sets.

10.33: Musetti has not yet conceded a set to his opponents, brilliantly beating first the Belgian David Goffin and then the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka.

10.30: Hello, let’s start the direct Italian derby between Lorenzo Musetti and Marco Cecchinato.

The presentation of the seventh dayThe Roland Garros program (June 5)

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of the Lorenzo Musetti-Marco Cecchinato match, valid for the third round of Roland Garros 2021. A blue derby that promises to be spectacular and that is worth a place in the round of 16, in all probability against Novak Djokovic.

In his first career Grand Slam, Musetti has not yet conceded a set to his opponents, brilliantly beating first the Belgian David Goffin and then the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka. A path so far perfect that of the young Tuscan, who also in Paris is proving to be one of the best prospects in the world.

On the other hand there is a Marco Cecchinato, who has beaten both the Japanese Uchiyama and the Australian Alex De Minaur in four sets. The Sicilian is experiencing an excellent period of form, which also coincided with the final of the Parma tournament. Cecchinato has found himself and dreams of reliving the amazing ride of 2018, when he reached the semifinal.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from the match Lorenzo Musetti-Marco Cecchinato, valid for the third round of Roland Garros 2021: news in real time and constant updates. The match will start at 11.00. Good fun!

Photo: LaPresse

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