how is the famous imprebditore

how is the famous imprebditore
how is the famous imprebditore

Nasty fright for Flavio Briatore, the famous businessman was rushed to a hospital in Baku where he is currently hospitalized


Flavio Briatore is traveling to Baku to follow the Big prize of Formula 1 in Azerbaijan. It is here that the well-known entrepreneur has frightened all those who follow him, in fact he was rushed to hospital.


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On Instagram, through the stories, take the opportunity to thank all the staff who offered him support following the illness he had. His health conditions are not clear, except as revealed by Alessandro Rosica – social character – who revealed: “We await further updates on his health, but it seems to be stable”.

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Flavio Briatore, bad scare in Azerbaijan

That of Flavio Briatore it could just be a nasty fright caused by a momentary illness that resolves itself with a quick check. It is clear that at the age of 71, the well-known entrepreneur must regulate his lifestyle and be able to curb the daily temptations that he has allowed himself to follow so far.

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Fortunately, his Instagram stories are heartening: the entrepreneur laughs and jokes with the doctors and nurses who are present in the room where he is currently hospitalized. If this is nonsense, Briatore could be discharged within a few hours. He will certainly do everything to be present on Sunday 6th June, race day.


famous imprebditore

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