Virus, vaccine effect: “Three out of four patients are now asymptomatic”

Virus, vaccine effect: “Three out of four patients are now asymptomatic”
Virus, vaccine effect: “Three out of four patients are now asymptomatic”

Vaccines are confirmed as the right weapon to overcome the virus. In the latest Report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità it is reiterated that the impact of vaccinations “is extremely significant”. As the ISS president explains, Silvio Brusaferro. “3/4 of those who contract the virus are asymptomatic, there is a collapse of cases thanks to vaccinations in parallel with the collapse of hospitalizations, admissions to intensive care and mortality”.

Already with the first dose about 35 days after administration, mortality falls close to zero as does the rate of admissions to intensive care. A result that is achieved with all types of vaccines and in all age groups in a similar way. And for experts, when vaccination coverage is sufficient, the mask can also be set aside.

Prophylaxis is a necessary protection first of all for the most fragile categories which in fact remain the priority objective of the vaccination campaign that follows a double strategy: on the one hand, we proceed in a massive way by widening the age groups, on the other we make ourselves more capillary the network. After the pharmacies, vaccinations have also started in the company and at the family doctors and pediatricians of free choice involved to administer prophylaxis in the 12/15 age group after the green light of Aifa. And there are already many vaccinated in the 12/19 bracket which therefore also includes the graduates. Out of an audience of about 4 million 600 thousand people, 3.4% have already received the first dose, almost 160 thousand children.

The commissioner structure underlines the results achieved in the last Report. More than 4 million doses delivered in a week and administered at 91 percent: the machine has geared up and the average inoculation in 24 hours is half a million. The protection of vulnerable groups is growing: more 10.2% of vaccination completed for 60/69 years; plus 3.8 for 70/79. 61.02% of administrations per hundred inhabitants reached.

The question of vaccines on vacation remains to be clarified. No closure on the part of the emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, who however showed the regions another way: to make the recall dates flexible by activating a toll-free number or a specific online procedure.

«Vaccination on vacation is a complicated thing but we are ready to do it. We try to meet our fellow citizens by changing the booking of the second dose: for now through the call center but from the end of the month also online »assures the president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, who announces the green light for prophylaxis in companies. «From Monday the companies of the region will have the possibility to proceed in this direction. The first, starting on 7 June, will be Unipol which will set up the first vaccination hub in Lombardy in the company. Pirelli, Mediaset and Amazon will follow in the following days. In Lazio from 10 June it will be possible to book vaccination with the family doctor online.

The emergency commissioner, however, does not intend to lose sight of the priority objectives by tracking down vaccine “reluctant” who in the 60/69 age group are still 30 percent through the active call flanked by active vaccination for the frail which must be reached at home.

With 20 million doses expected in June, it should therefore be possible to “shoulder” the virus hoped for by the general. The general director of AIFA, Nicola Magrini, however, speculates that it will be necessary to vaccinate again next year, especially to defend against the variants.

The distrust of healthcare workers is of concern. Twenty thousand Piedmontese health workers have not yet vaccinated themselves against Covid. It is not always a question of no vax, sometimes they are fearful but if they refuse they risk suspension from service or dismissal.

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