RELIVE LIVE – Italy – Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile goals and assists, what a tune with Insigne!

RELIVE LIVE – Italy – Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile goals and assists, what a tune with Insigne!
RELIVE LIVE – Italy – Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile goals and assists, what a tune with Insigne!

ITALY – CZECH REPUBLIC 4-0 (23 ‘Property, 42’ Barella, 65 ‘Insigne, 73’ Berardi)

The official formations:

ITALY (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Florenzi, Bonucci, Chiellini (62 ‘Acerbi), Spinazzola (62’ Emerson); Barella, Jorginho (62 ‘Cristante), Locatelli; Berardi (77 ‘Church), Building (77’ Raspadori), Insigne. Herds Mancini

CZECH REPUBLIC (4-1-4-1): Pavlenka; Coufal, Brabec, Celutska (45 ‘Dima), Boril; King; Carnival (61 ‘Sevcik), Darida (80’ Sadilek), Barak (45 ‘Soucek), Jankto (61’ Otter); Krmencik (45 ‘Schick). All. Squint


90 ‘+ 2’ Triple whistle, the match ends!

90 ‘+ 2’ Raspadori, served by the Church, boldly proposes himself forward. Then, Barella is needed but the Nerazzurri is in an off-side position.

90 ‘As at the end of the first half, there will be two minutes of recovery: it will be played up to 92’.

89 ‘Tough intervention against Stretcher that remains on the ground in pain.

86 & # 39; New replacement for Mancini’s Italy: Florenzi exits, Toloi enters.

83 ‘Stay on the ground for a few seconds Locatelli after the intervention of Soucek against him.

80 ‘Last substitution for the Czech Republic: Darida leaves, Sadilek enters.

78′ Badge per Emerson, but the pass is slightly short and the Chelsea player is anticipated.

77 ‘Berardi exits, Church enters. Immobile leave room for Breakers, making his debut with the national team!

76 ‘Another cooling break, other changes ready for Roberto Mancini.

73 ‘GOOOOOOOOOL! It’s a super Italy! Outstanding on the open field serves Berardi masterfully, who coldly punches the goalkeeper of the Czech Republic.

72′ the earth Immobile after the intervention of Brabec: the referee gives Italy the free kick.

71 & # 39; Italy holds the ball, making the opponents run.

65 ‘GOOOOOOOOL! Italy goes 3-0 with Insigne. Wonderful combination between the Napoli striker and Ciro Immobile, who serves him masterfully.

62 ‘Jorginho, Spinazzola, Chiellini exit: Cristante, Emerson and Acerbi enter.

61 ‘Jankto comes out and Vydra enters; Sevcik enters the field in place of Masopust.

60 & # 39; Great ball by Insigne for Immobile that snaps on the edge of the offside. The goalkeeper comes out well.

58 ‘Corner for Italy: Florenzi beats for Chiellini. The ball goes very little to the side of the goal.

54 ‘From the developments of the corner, Badge he coordinates and tries the conclusion, but does not frame the mirror of the goal.

53′ Berardi in speed for Florenzi: the defender of the Czech Republic who puts the ball in the corner kick is immolated.

51 ‘Beats Berardi which ends directly in the goal, the goalkeeper puts the ball for a corner.

50 ‘Do it against Locatelli. The referee opts for the free kick in favor of Italy.

48′ Spinazzola crosses but is intercepted by Coufal: corner kick for Italy.

45 ‘It starts with the second half of the match. For the Czech Republic come out Barak, Celutzska and Krmencik, enter Soucek, Dima and Schick.


45 ‘+ 2’ Double whistle: the first half of Italy – Czech Republic ends.

45 & # 39; The extra-time is announced at this time: it will be played until 47 ‘.

45′ Berardi in the midst of looking Immobile, but the passage is inaccurate. He tries to fix it and makes Boril do it.

42 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! The double is signed by Nicolò Barella. The Inter midfielder shoots from outside the box but slips at the moment of the conclusion: there is the deviation of Boril, the ball goes into the net.

39 ‘Opportunity for Italy, with Badge who dangerously penetrates the penalty area. The ball ends up on the side of the net, restarts there Czech Republic.

37 ‘The cross is intercepted by Spinazzola which calls into question Donnarumma. The Milan goalkeeper preaches calm and restarts his team.

35 ‘Beats Berardi, but the header of Chiellini is not dangerous for the Czech goalkeeper.

34′ Badge per Berardi attempting to cross to the address of Immobile. The opponents put the ball for a corner.

32 ‘Dangerous game of Immobile to the detriment of Yankee. Free kick in favor of the Czech Republic, but the game is stopped for the cooling break.

29′ Badge goes to look on the opposite side Berardi, but the ball is not very precise and is lost in the out.

27 ‘Cross of Stretcher per Immobile who, while diving, does not find the mirror of the goal.

26′ Immobile he sees Insigne all alone and tries to set him in motion: but the attacker is not precise and the ball arrives at Coufal.

23 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOL! Ciro Immobile brings Italy ahead! Insigne serves Barella in the penalty area but the ball ends up near the Lazio striker who looks for the near post and finds the deviation of an opponent.

20 ‘After a few minutes of apprehension, Bonucci returns to the field. Acerbi had already taken off his suit to make his entry into the field.

18 ‘Knee problem for Bonucci who remains sore on the ground after the duel with Krmencik.

16′ Krmencik try to surprise Donnarumma, off the posts, with a shot from a very long distance.

15′ Cross di Barak sharp in the penalty area, Spinazzola closes the defensive diagonal well and avoids that Carnival can harpoon the ball.

14 ‘Good combination between Immobile e Berardi, but the Sassuolo striker is in an off-side position.

13 ‘Lineout for the Czech Republic: He fought puts an excellent ball in the penalty area, goes out Donnarumma.

10 ‘Problem for Giorgio Chiellini bleeding from his nose: the defender must leave the field to be medicated.

9′ Immobile, served by Badge, attempts the conclusion of a claim. The ball is lost high over the crossbar.

8′ Badge look for the insertion of Immobile, but the ball is intercepted by the Czech rearguard.

6′ Florenzi closes the defensive diagonal well and prevents the Czech Republic striker from concluding from inside the penalty area. Ball in corner kick.

5′ Stretcher he puts his foot badly and remains sore on the ground for a few seconds. The medical staff does not enter the field: the Inter midfielder can continue the challenge.

4′ Bonucci vertically it goes in search of Immobile. Bravo Brabec to intercept, but there is a hand ball: Italy restarts.

3 ‘The cross of Yankee cross the entire penalty area: check Spinazzola on the opposite side.

1 ‘Referee’s whistle, the match begins!

UPDATE AT 19.30 – Almost everything is ready for the kick-off of Italy-Czech Republic, I last friendly test for the Azzurri before the start of the European championship. The match will start at 20:45 directly from the Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna. These are the choices of the two coaches with Mancini that launches from the first minute Immobile in the center of the attack. Bench only for Acerbi.

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