Covid, Minister Garavaglia on the Green Pass: “Immediately like France, ok to everyone vaccinated”

Covid, Minister Garavaglia on the Green Pass: “Immediately like France, ok to everyone vaccinated”
Covid, Minister Garavaglia on the Green Pass: “Immediately like France, ok to everyone vaccinated”

“On the green pass it is a matter of weeks, the deadline is July 1, but for me we have to leave tomorrow”. The Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia said this during the Festival of the economy of Trento according to which “in the end a mediation was found on this tool, which is as simple as possible: if you are vaccinated or have swab . We are discussing refinements, but we are close by now ».

«We will return to travel and the Tourism is ready to leave again. The operators of the sector no longer need support and aid, but paradoxically a workforce because there are no seasonal workers », the Minister reiterated.

Green pass europeo
«Finally we will have common rules and simplicity, the problem for operators and tourists themselves is knowing how to move. France says “if they are vaccinated they all come to us”, yesterday I called Speranza and I told him that we must do it too “said the Minister of Tourism, adding:” Greece brings with a tampon that lasts 72 hours and we 48 , we too have to do 72 hours, otherwise we are in difficulty ».

“Vaccine tourists in Italy only if an exception”
“I am in favor with common sense of the second vaccination dose for foreign tourists who come to Italy or for Italians who travel for a particularly long period – explained Garavaglia -. The Regions, some more or less, have achieved important coverage and this summer can have margins for these exceptions. Of course, if it becomes a rule it becomes chaos ».

Growth forecasts
With regard to growth forecasts, the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, explains that the «0.6 per cent more than the forecasts of the Def is encouraging. Especially since the document predicted that the tourist flow would restart in 2022. Instead, having removed the rules has finally restarted foreign tourism ». From the Festival of the economy, Garavaglia takes the negative accounts suffered by tourism. «Last year we lost 27 billion euros – Garavaglia -. If we recover half of it, he would be happy. The estimates for this season are good: 10 points more than a long tourist season, thanks to vaccines, we will recover something ».

“We will make Superbonus hotels, 1.8 billion from Recovery”
“A second thing I particularly care about is the issue of 110% efficiency of hotel facilities: we have put this billion and 800 million” in the Recovery Plan and “we do so from the national budget choices, because we need to improve accommodation facilities , not only hotels, even b & b and farm holidays ».

“Pnrr: 2.4 billion well, redevelopment and quality tourism”
“The PNRR is making 2.4 billion available to us. An important component is intended for the redevelopment of accommodation facilities, also in terms of sustainability. And then quality tourism that respects the environment and the community where it goes. Guidelines that go in the direction of the G20 of tourism ».

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