Delta (or Indian) variant: everything we know so far about the contagiousness and effectiveness of vaccines

June 05, 2021 11:56 am

First spotted in India, it has become prevalent in Britain where it has led to a recent increase in cases

The study published in Lancet – The new strain of the virus, which has become dominant in the UK, appears to be 50-60% more contagious than the so-called Alpha (or English) variant and is also associated with a risk of hospitalization up to 2.6 times higher than Alpha. In addition, the research published on June 3 in the scientific journal Lancet notes greater resistance of the Delta variant to Covid vaccines, especially after a single dose.

The effectiveness of vaccines on the Delta variant – According to the study published in the Lancet, 73% of cases resulting from the Delta variant are unvaccinated and only 3.7% of people who received both doses. The research, which involved analyzing blood samples from 250 healthy people who received one or two injections of the Pfizer vaccine, showed that antibody levels are lower than those that can address the original SARS strain. CoV-2 or the Alpha variant.


Delta Indian variant contagiousness effectiveness vaccines

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