Gismondo’s prophecy: “End of Covid? Why do we still have to wait …”

Gismondo’s prophecy: “End of Covid? Why do we still have to wait …”
Gismondo’s prophecy: “End of Covid? Why do we still have to wait …”

We still have to wait for V-Day, maybe we’ll talk about it again in autumn. Even if the situation is clearly improving and the epidemiological curve continues to decline. However, if you look at the same period last year, even the enthusiasm tends to decline. As he was keen to point out Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the microbiology laboratory of the Sacco of Milan, on the pages of Il Fatto Quotidiano, which compared the data relating to 31 May 2020 and those of 2021, the positives were 1.2% of the swabs carried out, while now they are 2.1%. There is also a difference with regard to the dead: 75 one year ago and 85 twelve months later. The patients admitted to the intensive care units were 435 on May 31, 2020 and instead this year 1,061.

The discrepancy between first and second dose vaccinates

Another important point is that relating to the vaccination campaign. For a few days we have been second in the standings, after our Spanish cousins, for the number of vaccinated. However, if we look at how many subjects have already received the first dose, we are overtaken by Germany, Belgium and Spain, placing us in fourth place. In short, the situation this year seems to be worse from these numbers than last year. The euphoria of both years is given by the improvement of the data compared to the previous months. In 2020 the decline in hospitalized and deaths was attributed to the arrival of summer, in 2021 instead to vaccination campaign which proceeds at a brisk pace. According to the expert, there would therefore be a discrepancy between the increase in double-dose vaccines and access to the first doses. As if there was a slowdown in the initial momentum recorded precisely in the early days.

Gismondo: “Wise to wait for autumn”

The percentage of the frail who have not yet received the vaccine is very worrying, according to Gismondo. As announced in recent days by the emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, between 2 and 3 million are still missing. over 60. To try to remedy the situation, the military reiterated that priority must be given to the elderly, the frail and vaccine boosters. In addition, those who will go on vacation will have to organize the holidays in order to respect the date set for the recall, which can still be flexible enough for all types of vaccine. Considering all these data, and especially the missing ones that would be used to assess the incidence of these phenomena and the trend of the pandemic, to date we cannot yet speak of a real turning point. “I believe that, while always remaining optimistic and” vaccinated “, it is wise to wait until autumn” Gismondo concluded.


Gismondos prophecy Covid wait

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