“He is defeated, but freedom is still at risk” – Libero Quotidiano

“He is defeated, but freedom is still at risk” – Libero Quotidiano
“He is defeated, but freedom is still at risk” – Libero Quotidiano

Gianluca Veneziani

05 June 2021

There will no longer be just four friends at the bar or restaurant, but there will be six indoors and an indefinite number outdoors in the white zone. It seems an achievement compared to the restrictions of recent months, but it would be better not to be satisfied, as suggested by prof. Alberto Mingardi, director of the Bruno Leoni Institute.

Mingardi, yesterday won the line of aperturists. Is it the definitive defeat of a repressive and paternalistic model of state?

“Unfortunately not. What happened in the last year will have consequences in the future. Today we are in a happy condition: label the season and vaccinations help us fight the virus. But the relevant question will be to see what happens with the return of the bad season or the next emergency. The cause for concern of what has happened in the last year lies not only in the thing itself, but in the fact that it constitutes a precedent. Now we are discussing what is the maximum number of people you can have dinner with: two years ago this topic was not even remotely part of any discussion on political freedom and civil coexistence, because no one thought that the state should be concerned. of our dinners ».

In short, Hope and its provisions will pass, but will the Leviathan state remain?

“Look, we have fought the pandemic through a series of bans by the state power, rather than betting that society could find forms of self-organization. We have also witnessed the entry of the state into our homes and restaurant kitchens in an unprecedented way. I would not like the extension of the number of seats at the table to be reduced to a concession from the paternalistic state which, your goodness, allows us the freedom to eat with more than three friends ».

At the political level, however, do you believe that this decision marks a debacle for the Giallorossi?

«In my opinion it marks the victory of the Italians and the defeat of an anxious model that has found its champion in Minister Speranza. I believe this decision represents the triumph of realism. The restrictions so far have been extremely heavy and also curious: they did not affect extreme freedoms, but configured a collective atonement with respect to very banal freedoms, such as that of shopping or dining ».

Realism wins, but so far those who govern us have shown themselves to be very detached from reality …

“These months have told us how much left-wing intellectuals, which have a very strong hold on parties, hate economic freedom in all its manifestations and despise ordinary people and their needs. And they also confirmed to us which classes the left really speaks to: that is, the public service and the “guaranteed”, who like to sympathize with the weakest but are unable to put themselves in their shoes ».

Detachment from reality has been associated with an attempt to transform reality on the basis of ideology. What will the effects be?

«I hope that, in the long run, life will be stronger than the prohibitions. But undoubtedly the pandemic was understood by some as an opportunity to change people’s consumption and habits. It is one thing to fight infections, another is a social engineering project, like the one Speranza talked about in his book “.

The exceeding of the limit of 4 people at the table was advocated by the Regions. Who operates in the area is more far-sighted than the state?

“On the part of local authorities there has always been a greater, if not capacity, at least the need to listen to the needs of citizens, because those are their constituents. Mayors or regional councilors better understand those who have been displaced by the pandemic and have lost income, activities, as well as sociality. And here I am referring to the youngest: it will be interesting to understand if the management of the pandemic will produce a generation of libertarian voters of frightened people ».

With vaccines we are regaining freedom from Covid. How difficult will it be to regain the freedom to socialize and do business?

“This depends both on who governs us and on the people and their will to live. As for economic freedom, it will be necessary to see how the government will rebuild people’s trust: to the many risks an entrepreneur was already confronted with, there is also the risk that during an emergency an operator can no longer work. After all, the last year has shown that it is not enough to restore: people want to do, not just to collect a subsidy ».

Has the management of Covid strengthened the powers of the state or revealed it in its impotence?

“Certainly the state has increased its footprint, but it is difficult for me to argue that it did well: indeed, all its limits have been revealed. We have lost so many opportunities, precisely because we have not relied sufficiently on individual responsibility and social bodies ».

Given the invasiveness of the central power, will the reaction be the increased distrust of citizens towards the state?

“It is the State in the first place that has not trusted the citizens: it has not considered them responsible persons, which is paradoxical given that the Italians have shown great responsibility. On the other hand, until recently the majority of citizens were happy with the responses of the central power. Now it seems to be no longer like this. And, if Italy did not grow economically, distrust would inevitably increase in the country along with social anger ”.

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