“If mathematics is not an opinion …” – Libero Quotidiano

“If mathematics is not an opinion …” – Libero Quotidiano
“If mathematics is not an opinion …” – Libero Quotidiano

Fabiana Dadone, minister of youth policy, tweeted that the cashback, the flag of the former Conte government would have “earned the State 1.2 billion net in 2020 alone”. And down criticism against Salvini and Meloni, who have always been opponents of that measure. Except that the minister forgot to mention that the tool was applied, last year, only for about twenty days, in December, the month in which consumption fell and there was a lower VAT collection for the State of 1.4 billion. In short, if mathematics is not an opinion …

Dadone is no stranger to gaffe with political opponents. She is 35 years old, and despite her tender age she can be considered a veteran of grillism: she became a deputy in 2013. She graduated in law and tried, unsuccessfully, to pass the bar exam. Two years in the course of a debate in the House he had beaten the former Minister for Reforms and Relations with Parliament Maria Elena Boschi, guilty of not paying attention to the discussion and wasting time talking on the phone.

Too bad that the Piddina of strict Renzian observance was in conversation with Palazzo Chigi which confirmed the release of Greta and Vanessa, the two Italian volunteers kidnapped in Syria. Boschi had the task of giving the announcement to Parliament. An emblematic fool of a certain way of doing and thinking and in any case relating to the political opponent which is the prerogative of the Five Stars movement. Recently, in an interview with Repubblica, she also expressed herself on the Zan Ddl: “It is a necessary law. One thing is freedom of opinion, one thing is incitement to hatred, rage against those with a sexual orientation or a gender identity different from ours. I find absurd the debate that has been created in Parliament between who is for and against “, he explained.

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