Messina, two Acr players accused of sexual violence

Messina, two Acr players accused of sexual violence
Messina, two Acr players accused of sexual violence

Two players who play in Serie D in the team ofAcr Messina, the eighteen Clemente Crisci and Carmine Cretella, I’m investigated by the Public Prosecutor of Messina for aggravated sexual assault on a young girl that at the time – we were in full lockdown, in November 2020 -, had just 14 years old.
The two professional footballers were in fact joined by an act of conclusion of the preliminary investigations on the accusation of sexual violence aggravated by the minor age of the victim signed by the deputy prosecutor Roberta La Speme, who coordinated a long investigation by the carabinieri after the complaint presented to the carabinieri of Tremestieri by the girl’s father.
The investigation is shrouded in the utmost secrecy and up to now nothing has been leaked about this affair.

A third person with Crisci and Cretella?

Apparently, in addition to the two, a third person who has not yet been identified was involved in the sexual violence, but on which investigations are underway. During these months the carabinieri have heard several times the victim of the abuse and also his family, to reconstruct everything. And now the investigation is at a turning point with the notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations, which precludes a possible request for indictment after the phase dedicated by the prosecutor to listen to the defensive arguments. The two players can in fact ask to be heard by the magistrates with the assistance of their defenders or present memoirs or other documents, always in a defensive perspective to try to refute the accusations.

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Messina Acr players accused sexual violence

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