Did Deddy and Rosa break up? The indiscretion

Did Deddy and Rosa break up? The indiscretion
Did Deddy and Rosa break up? The indiscretion

New rumors arrive about the relationship between Deddy and Rosa: the love story between the two former students of Amici 20 would really be over. To reveal it, the testimony of a fan, to whom the singer would have confirmed the break with the dancer: will it be the definitive confirmation?

Deddy e Rosa yes. I am left? This is the question that the couple’s many fans have been asking themselves since the last edition of Amici ended. There ballerina, in fact, she had been eliminated in one of the first episodes of the evening, while the singer had managed to reach the final: after the Maria De Filippi it ended, however, the two never showed up together again.

What happened to the two alumni of Amici 20? The indiscretions have chased one after the other but the latest images, in which Rosa sang the unpublished by Deddy with hand over heart, they had given hope that the breakup never happened. Now, however, one of the singer’s fans has thought about launching an unexpected revelation.

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According to a girl he met by chance Deddy, talking to him would have confirmation that the relationship with Rosa really over.

Friends, Deddy: “Does everyone already know?”

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While Deddy was in Rome with the dancer Alessandro, also a former student of Amici, a girl approached to greet him and to ask him what are the reasons why between him and Rosa it’s over. The singer did not deny, but rather, he asked an ironic question that seems to confirm as the love story is really at the terminus: “But does everyone already know?”.

Not only, Deddy he would also have revealed that, as had already been assumed, it was he who wanted it to interrupt the story with Rosa because at this moment he has the firm will to devote himself completely only to his work and career in the world of music. These words will serve to extinguish the hopes of fans who have been looking forward to review them together?

In fact, the same girl who reported these words also confessed to having seen Deddy unconvinced of his statements: once again, therefore, not everything seems to be resolved.

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