“It is unmistakable”. Recognized the Roma with Danas

“It is unmistakable”. Recognized the Roma with Danas
“It is unmistakable”. Recognized the Roma with Danas

There is a small update, which could prove to be a big update in the case of Denise Pipitone. The security guard Felice Grieco has formalized the recognition of a woman by the carabinieri. Grieco, a month after Denise’s disappearance, took a little girl named Danas on his mobile phone in Milan as a woman, presumed to be of Roma ethnicity. Is the woman now recognized by Grieco the same as in the video?

The man, guest last night at “Fourth degree”He said he received a mugshot from a person in which he would have recognized the woman he met almost 17 years ago. “It is unmistakable – explained Grieco – It’s part of my job to remember faces”. A Felice Grieco it was reported that the alleged Roma had already been checked, but a confrontation had never been made in the presence of the security guard. The mugshot that the man saw dates back to 2019: the woman has changed a bit, but the investigators have all the elements available to go back to her now, although there is no certainty of finding her. Grieco recalled that with Danas and the woman, that day in Milan, there were also a man and a child with an accordion, but an identikit of them was never made.

“Fourth degree” returned to talk about Denise’s disappearance, also retracing some salient details of the investigations, such as the intervention of the mediums and the alternation in the Prosecutor of Marsala.

The correspondent from Mazara del Vallo Ilaria Mura then returned to visit the old house in Anna Corona – currently registered in the register of suspects – together with the lawyer of the owners of the building Gaspare Morello. The two, Mura and Morello, showed spectators how the external changes to the building date back to 2013, but there are internal changes that are difficult to date. Among these there is a lowered ceiling, with a variable height between 2.08 meters and 2.38 meters, which on the cadastral plan appears to be 4 meters. There a wooden countertop was placed that sounds hollow when Mura hits it with a stick. It seems that the search of the building in recent weeks was born on the impulse of Piera Maggio’s lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta: the lawyer was reported, by an aspiring buyer, as already in 2005 he had noticed changes at the cadastral level.

There was also talk of wiretapping and how those who analyzed them admitted the lack of experience in court and how Tony Pipitone, ex-husband of mother Piera who raised Denise, harbored suspicions towards her ex-brother-in-law. It is about Matteo Marino, ex-husband of Giacoma Maggio, who apparently was close to esoteric circles. Marino held a grudge against the Maggio sisters according to Tony. It is also reported that mother Piera said the phrase to her ex-brother-in-law: “You know where the baby is, you have to bring her back to me”.


unmistakable Recognized Roma Danas

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