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Excellent indications for Mancini who has an iron defense: 8 games in a row without conceding a goal

The game is there, the results as well and the hopes, so to speak, fly. The azzurri, which lay out 4-0 the Czech Republic, they make you dream with their game, with an iron defense, with soloists who do their part very well and with rookies who can give their fresh contribution. Here is the right mix towards Euro 2020 which is about to open its doors. Mancini he is a teacher and teaches his people how to set the right gear.

The numbers are on the side of Mancio’s boys who for the first time in its history have won eight games in a row without conceding a goal. Furthermore, Italy have conceded no goals in five consecutive friendly matches for the first time since June 1991 (eight in that case).
A long streak with 23 wins: hooked Cesare Prandelli by number of successes, but with 23 fewer games (56 against 33).
We said six singles, those who can really make a difference and bring the group to a high, very high level of competitiveness.

One is Ciro Immobile with his goal number 13 in blue, the sixth under the management of Roberto Mancini. With the current coach of the Azzurri, only Andrea Belotti has scored more goals (8). And again speaking of the Campania striker with 12 goals, Ciro became the second best scorer in Lazio with the Italy shirt, after Silvio Piola (28).

With his goals Immobile hooked Pierluigi Casiraghi, Mario Magnozzi, Raimundo Orsi and Andrea Pirlo at an altitude of 13.

In addition to Lazio there is also Lorenzo Insigne that Mancini has drawn the best from the treatment. Eighth goal for Lorenzo with the national team shirt; the Napoli striker hadn’t scored for Azzurro since November 2019, against Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition, the Neapolitan talent has provided an assist in each of the last five games played with Italy: he had dispensed four in the previous 36.


national team dream couple Immobile Insigne News

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