The Polyclinic celebrates: the last covid patient discharged

The Polyclinic celebrates: the last covid patient discharged
The Polyclinic celebrates: the last covid patient discharged

At the Monza Polyclinic there is a celebration: the last covid patient was discharged. Finally, the hospital in via Amati is covid free.

The medical director Alfredo Lamastra is happy: on Tuesday 1 June the last patient who entered because of the infection returned home; on the same day a year earlier, the doctors of the Polyclinic had closed the last covid ward after three and a half months of battle against a virus that suddenly brought humanity to its knees.

Happy staff but exhausted by a constant battle. “We resumed hospitalizing and treating infected patients in September 2020 – says medical director Alfredo Lamastra to Monzatoday -. We stopped on June 1st. There was no break in continuity between the first and second wave ”.

The numbers of the covid at the Policlinico

The numbers speak for themselves: from January to September 2020, 424 patients with covid were hospitalized and treated; from October 2020 to May 31 2021 the infected patients hospitalized and treated at the Monza Polyclinic more than doubled reaching 941. The mortality rate dropped by almost ten points: from 33% in the first wave to 24% in this second wave that never stopped.

“The hospitalizations have increased, but the hospitalization times have decreased – he continues -. In this second phase we have learned to better manage the disease by benefiting from the experience gained during the first wave “.

Months in the trenches to treat infected patients

Lamastra remembers the months of battle: the briefing in the morning with the Ats Brianza, the comparison with colleagues from the other hospitals in the area, for the definition and distribution of patients who continued to arrive. “Every day the beds were defined – he continues -. The organization of intensive and sub intensive therapies is fundamental. A great team effort “.

Then, while in the wards of the hospital in via Amati doctors and nurses continued to welcome and treat people who had been infected by the virus, in Verano Brianza the Policlinico created a vaccination hub. The Sports Hall transformed into a center for the administration of the anticovid vaccine; a work carried out in collaboration with the Municipalities of Verano and Carate and the volunteers.

The (won) bet of the vaccination center

“We started the vaccination campaign in January – he recalls -. Vaccinating our staff at the Monza Polyclinic. Then the request from Ats. For us it was a gamble. We started with about 300 administrations per day, currently we have risen to 1,400 per day ”. Meanwhile, on Monday 7 June, the Monza hospital decided to celebrate the return to normality with a small event (currently top secret).

June 7 is a time of celebration not to forget

“A small party – he concludes -. Fundamental from a moral point of view. A return to normality, to the work for which we have been called. The covid, however, struck us. Our anesthetist Davide Cordero was taken away from the hospital. In recent months we have also fought for him. It was an experience that made us all stronger and better prepared ”.

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