“Grandfather Faber would appreciate my father Cristiano non-existent and false” – Corriere.it

“Grandfather Faber would appreciate my father Cristiano non-existent and false” – Corriere.it
“Grandfather Faber would appreciate my father Cristiano non-existent and false” – Corriere.it

An ultrapop base on classic French melody, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop, the “Champs Élysées” as the title of the song: Francesca De André, aka DE.A, has launched her new single, her first unreleased. Even if music is in the family DNA, here we are very far from the examples – sonorous and poetic – of the grandfather and also of the father. Spanish mother (Carmen De Cespedes), Italian father (Cristiano, son of Fabrizio), Francesca De André sings in French (“I wanted an international touch”) the emotions of a dream love in a postcard Paris. “Which of us didn’t have butterflies in their stomachs during adolescence?” I believe that in the end we are always looking for that perfect love, that love even as a child that always makes us feel like kids. The song is written by producer Gabriel Grillotti, but he deeply understood what my feelings are, my desire for carefree ».

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Fabrizio De André, photos from the «Corriere» Archive

Did this love find it true and impossible?
“Even if life has led me to build myself a breastplate to defend myself, I am a very sensitive person, I live more by impulse than by rationality, but I am constantly looking for a balance”.

Ok, from the answer it seems that it has not yet arrived … Fabrizio De André, the grandfather, what would you say about this very light music?
“I think he would be proud of it, because he was a person who pushed anyone to come out for what they really were, not to stifle their aspirations, not to put on masks, not to hide behind the group of sheep. In his songs he always spoke of unique people, of particular cases, I think I am one of them. I think he may be the only one of the De André family to be proud of it ».

How’s it going with your father Cristiano?
“Relations with him are non-existent.”

You have often displayed your private space in Barbara D’Urso’s wallless afternoon parlor («slaps and punches, my father is a violent one»). Did you regret having spoken about it publicly?
«I revealed only 1% of what I experienced and I would not have started to tell on TV my very painful past, my private life if I had not found myself forced by my father. He had published an autobiography where he had put together only lies: about my mom, about me, about my brothers; he had also denied that I had been in an orphanage. I felt compelled to tell the truth above all out of respect for my mother who found herself alone with three children, dumped in the middle of a street. I did it out of a sense of justice ».

The surname De André, moreover, if you want to be a singer, does it weigh?
«For years I do not hide the fact that the weight of the surname has put me in awe, it has held me back. Of course I can say that I am not the recommended one, because none of my family knew about my project. On the contrary, I think I have also created a bit of annoyance ».

Many years of dancing (he also teaches it), a passion for singing, influencer, reality contest competitor: does he do many things because he has not yet decided what to do?
«I’m curious, I throw myself into life, I feel versatile, my character leads me to want to test myself in many areas. It’s not that I haven’t found my way, I probably need more lives to do everything I want ».

On his Instagram profile (300 thousand followers) he always shows a provocative image of himself, more discovered than covered, are you not afraid it could become a label of superficiality?
“I have a predominantly female social audience, many women follow me and they respect me for who I am. I’m not compulsive on social media, I can be there for two weeks and then disappear, because I’m not able to pretend, so I don’t think I have an audience that can misunderstand me “.

Which day would you like to relive?
“When, after so many years, I saw my twin brother and my mother, it was a shock.”

What do you dream of for the future?
“Be happy”.

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