Cingolani is in the viewfinder, now Conte dreams of revenge – Time

Cingolani is in the viewfinder, now Conte dreams of revenge – Time
Cingolani is in the viewfinder, now Conte dreams of revenge – Time

Carlantonio Solimene

05 June 2021

The crime has not yet been committed, but who is the principal is already being investigated. Translated: are they really the malpancisti of the 5 stars who are asking Giuseppe Conte to lead the farewell to the Draghi government or is it the Conte himself who is making them do it – and, behind the scenes, he directs their moves – because he has never abandoned the dream of going to the polls early?

In the Balkanized context of a 5-star movement still without an official guide, the front of those who would like to abandon the executive to rediscover the “warrior words” of the origins is becoming more and more numerous. And the governors, led by Luigi Di Maio and Stefano Patuanelli, are finding it harder and harder to quell souls. Thus the debate, so far confined to the councils of the malpancisti, this time assumes the trappings of officialdom: “We will remain in government only under certain conditions,” said Gianluca Perilli, supercontian of the Senate, in an interview with Il Foglio. And he adds: «Giuseppe was killed by a brutal operation, it is normal that he is cold with Draghi». An admission of the lawyer’s poor feeling with his successor. The former Undersecretary of Defense Angelo Tofalo goes further: «We responded in a mature way to the appeal of the Head of State to secure our country – he writes on Facebook – from a health and economic point of view, supporting this government. There is certainly still a lot to do but the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to show and, once this complex work is finished, I think it is right to ask whether it is still really necessary to support “a Draghi government”. Maybe not anymore and I will put this topic to Giuseppe Conte and to the ministers of the M5s ».

The issue therefore is the conditions for remaining in the majority. And, from this point of view, the perfect pick to facilitate a tear has been identified for some time. And it is the continuous work of attrition towards the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani. Just 48 hours ago, rumors raged about a group of Grillini anxious to discourage him for his positions on nuclear power and waste-to-energy plants. Yesterday, if possible, the situation became even more tense when Cingolani claimed the negotiation he is conducting with the European Union to exclude materials with a low percentage of plastic – such as tetrapak – from the disposable ban. which will come into force on 3 July. A battle aimed at preserving a sector of which Italy is the continental leader in production and for this reason followed with interest by the leader of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi. Well, it was enough that yesterday Cingolani greeted with enthusiasm the openings obtained on the point by the EU to attract a poisonous headline from the daily fact, in fact the house organ of contism: “The Minister of Ecological Transition rejoices because Europe allows us to continue to pollute “. It is clear that hitting Cingolani means picking on the very reason identified by Grillo to support the government: the existence of the environmental “super-ministry”.

In this context, as mentioned, Conte does not say a word and in fact his silence already seems an answer. Just as the “no comment” on the hypothesis of candidacy for the substitutes looks so much like a polite denial. The reason is all in the difficulty of the match: according to YouTrend, in the college up for grabs – Roma Primavalle – the center-right and the Giallorossi would be practically paired. Too high, in short, the risk of not winning resulting in a fool. Better, as suggested by the director of the Fact Marco Travaglio, to travel around Italy to make the new Movement known. Provided that Casaleggio allows him to unblock the vote to be crowned. A circumstance that is at least as uncertain as the vote in Primavalle.

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