all seats are already sold out

all seats are already sold out
all seats are already sold out

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05 June 2021 08:10

“The registration service for the Open Day of 06/06/2021 in Calderara di Reno is currently not active. All available places are sold out”. This is the message that you read, already from the first minutes of this morning, by clicking on the site dedicated to booking the Ausl of Bologna.

500 doses of Janssen vaccine will be injected from 8 am to 7 pm tomorrow 6 June at the vaccination hub in Calderara di Reno, at the Palasport Pederzini in Via Garibaldi 8.

In order to avoid gatherings, after the first open day of June 2 at the fair, the Ausl of Bologna had set the reservations that were already sold out. But many citizens were unable to book because the link provided by the Usl page was incorrect. On the Facebook page you can read some comments: “It does not open because the link has not been updated on the AUSL site! You had to type the correct url by hand. Now the seats are finished”, writes a citizen, complaining about the functioning of the system .

“Do not succeed because there is so much demand rode, but there is. Not succeeding because they do not update a link on an official page is criminal”, writes another citizen commenting.

“2,500 subscriptions were registered within a minute – the Usl company said – and in two minutes the registration service was closed, verifying the data of those who tried to book”. Once the verification has been completed, the Ausl details, “the first 500 in possession of the requirements (over 18 with a general practitioner in the AUSL of Bologna and still without an appointment at a vaccination center) will receive the confirmation text message with the time to show up to receive the vaccination “.


seats sold

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