passed by Giorgia Meloni, Marco Travaglio and the exam quiz – Libero Quotidiano

passed by Giorgia Meloni, Marco Travaglio and the exam quiz – Libero Quotidiano
passed by Giorgia Meloni, Marco Travaglio and the exam quiz – Libero Quotidiano

Maurizio Zottarelli

05 June 2021

The title is already a programmatic manifesto. “Core and screwdriver. To rebuild Italy ». The screwdriver, probably, because it does a lot of “left-wing”, so much so that in Milan the populace (who famously support Milan, like Letta precisely) is called «casciavitt»; soul because, well, because in this age of good feelings a sprinkle of soul is not denied to anyone, least of all in a film, in a song or, as in this case, in a book. As for “rebuilding Italy”, there is no doubt that they exist at least 209 billion reasons so even the good Letta felt the urge to try his hand at the subject. In any case, it seems that the decisive push to the literary work came from a question that the secretary of the Democratic Party has heard many times from young students who emigrated abroad as he was until a few months ago: “Why come back?” . Yeah, why? In reality, it seems that Letta has heard him repeat the same question lately even towards democratic leaders and activists, so, returning to his homeland and moreover at the head of the main party of the left, the new leader of the dem, he felt that the time to provide an answer.

To tell the truth, even without the publication of a book it was already quite clear which ingredients the Latian recipe was mixed with. Like the brilliant proposal to introduce an inheritance tax, with a vague taste of patrimonial, of which the Italians, but not even the premier Mario Draghi, scome no need. With the addition, perhaps, of a splash of ius soli and a puree of pink quote. And so far, in Letta’s beliefs we would still be at the screwdriver, at the mechanical operation; therefore, to give space to the soul, the volume proposes broad ranges of ideals, non-negotiable values, appeals to “be free”, as well as the inevitable fight against fears, injustices, nationalisms and, of course, the notorious populism. So it happens that, as proof that they did not feel the need for a similar book even on the left, where they still have to dispose of lava and gluey Veltronian production, the sales rankings arrive. Letta’s book has just come out and we know that these “instant books”, as the word says, enjoy a good initial boost dictated by the curiosity and perhaps by the notoriety of the author. Still, that generous initial nudge on Letta’s screwdriver and soul was worth a leap in eighteenth place in the ranking of Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Politics”. You read that right: eighteenth place. And not all books, but only those with a political theme.

Moreover, scrolling the rankings, the situation for the dem secretary worsens. In fact, needless to say, in first place is the archenemy, the queen of nationalisms and populisms, Giorgia Meloni, with his, “I am Giorgia”. Indeed, to be honest, Letta manages to be beaten twice by Meloni who, in addition to being at the top of the rankings with the hardcover book, is fourth with the Kindle format (ie the electronic one). In order not to miss anything, then the chief dem also gets dubbed by Marco Travaglio that with his “The Secrets of Conticide” ranks second (soft cover) and fifth (kindle edition). Going down, we find «Il sistema» (sixth position), the book-interview of the director Alessandro Sallusti with Luca Palamara, in the ranking for months now; immediately behind the grillino Alessandro Di Battista on the run with «Contro!». Before the leader of the Democratic Party, here is also Oriana Fallaci (twelfth place) and Hannah Arendt (fourteenth), certainly two monuments of culture which, however, certainly do not enjoy the advantages of the novelty. Overtaking Letta is also Bruno Vespa (seventeenth) and a step above, almost a mockery to the political battles of ours, the volume of Gianluca Magi on the Nazi hierarch Goebbels appears. But perhaps, the final sentence and the plaque on poor Enrico’s literary effort are placed in the eighth and eleventh position of the ranking: ten and seven steps above the number one of the Nazarene, respectively, the manual and the exam quiz appear “for the competition of customs and monopolies “ and that to pass the competition of the Municipality of Rome “for instructors and administrative officials”. You decide where the soul is and where the screwdriver.

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