the discovery in piazza Federico Sacco

the discovery in piazza Federico Sacco
the discovery in piazza Federico Sacco

05 June 2021 09:59

Macabre discovery in Pietralata, not far from the metro station B Santa Maria del Soccorso. It was just after 7 when a passer-by saw a man’s head sticking out of an abandoned trolley on the street, among the parked cars, in an area known to all as “Monte del Pecoraro”. Immediate intervention in Piazza Federico Sacco by the agents of the Sant’Ippolito police station who ascertained the presence of a corpse inside a suitcase. The whole body was covered with black garbage bags, with the head visible.

Traces of blood were noted near the place of the discovery. A trail that the agents began to follow, reaching the apartment where the man lived. The police, according to what is learned, would have listened to acquaintances of the man. On the spot the men of the forensics for the investigation of the case. The body was covered with a curtain by the operators, who are carrying out the relevant surveys

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discovery piazza Federico Sacco

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