Next week with rains and thunderstorms, here’s where and when

Next week with rains and thunderstorms, here’s where and when
Next week with rains and thunderstorms, here’s where and when

Rains and thunderstorms return. This is the news that emerged from the latest updates which confirm thearrival of fresh and unstable currents, capable of triggering thunderstorms on almost all of Italy. In short, until almost halfway through the month the atmosphere will not be able to find peace and a bit like last spring the high pressure will be forced to retreat.

But let’s go in order, analyzing the updated forecasts and the latest news to better understand where it will be necessary to keep the umbrella at hand.

Next week will open immediately under the banner of bad weather due to the entry of fresh and unstable currents that from north-eastern Europe will quickly reach the Mediterranean basin, giving way to a very unstable phase. Monday 7 consequently we expect intense downpours already in the morning, especially in the Triveneto, the Alps and the Pre-Alps in general, then in extension to the rest of the North to also involve the central regions.

Very similar speech for Tuesday 8 June, when a cyclonic circulation harbinger of thunderstorms will remain active which will once again affect the central-northern regions, Puglia and Basilicata. As often happens during the summer season there will certainly be dry breaks, with the sun that will be able to peep out and significantly warm the lower layers of the atmosphere. It will then be precisely the excess heat to provide the energy necessary for the development of massive storm cells that “burst” during the afternoon and evening hours, with the more than concrete risk of locally very strong phenomena, sometimes accompanied by gusts of wind and hailstorm.

Wednesday 9 we will still have rains and thunderstorms, especially over the Alps, the pre-Alps and the central-southern Tyrrhenian regions.

Subsequently, we will have a temporary recovery of the high pressure which will guarantee more sun on most of the sectors for the day of Thursday 10, except for some rains or isolated thunderstorms in the far south and in the Alps. But beware, conditions could immediately worsen again under the blows of a storm surge expected for the following weekend, however we will have the opportunity to talk about it in the next updates.

In short, summer does not seem to start on the right foot. We will see if there are confirmations in the coming days.


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