Unlimited bonus without ISEE for everyone. To ask on the fly

Unlimited bonus without ISEE for everyone. To ask on the fly
Unlimited bonus without ISEE for everyone. To ask on the fly

In the last 2-3 years there has been a strong growth in bonuses in Italy, with countless measures developed by the government.

The coronavirus crisis then favored a further proliferation of aid that was added to others already launched in the previous one.

Bonus without ISEE: watch out for those expiring at the end of 2021

Among the many there are some that will close their doors at the end of 2021 and therefore it will be good to hurry to ask for them before their deadline.

One of these is the face bonus which, as we will see better later, could continue to survive beyond this year, but in a different form.

Facade bonus: this is what it is and how it works

For the moment it is good to know that this facility was introduced by the 2020 budget law and was initially valid for the same year, only to be extended for 2021.

Until the end of this year, as already happened for 2020, the facade bonus provides for a tax deduction equal to 90% of the expenses incurred for interventions aimed at the recovery or restoration of the external facade of existing buildings located in certain areas, including those only for cleaning or external painting.

It should be noted that the works subject to the deduction must only concern the external part of the existing building, interventions on the opaque structures of the facade, on balconies or on ornaments and friezes.

Facade bonus: which works are eligible for the subsidies?

As explained in the guide of the Revenue Agency, works on gutters and downspouts, on parapets and cornices also benefit from the deduction.

Related expenses are also included in the new tax relief:

from the installation of scaffolding to the disposal of materials, from VAT to stamp duty, from the fees paid for the request for residential building permits to the tax for the occupation of public land.

One of the essential requirements to be able to benefit from the facade bonus is that the properties subject to intervention are located in zones A and B identified by article 2 of decree no. 1444/1968 of the Minister of Public Works.

Facade bonuses: who are the beneficiaries?

The audience of beneficiaries is quite large, given that the facades bonus can access:

natural persons, including arts and professions exhibitors

public and private entities that do not carry out commercial activities

simple societies

associations between professionals

taxpayers who earn business income (individuals, partnerships, corporations).

Facade bonus: reimbursement of up to 90% for everyone, without ISEE and without spending limits

All those who have a suitable title of ownership of the property are entitled to a deduction equal to 90% of the expenses incurred, to be recovered in 10 annual installments in the form of an income tax credit.

In other words, the amount due for each annuity is deducted from the taxes that the taxpayer must pay for that year.

It should be noted that the bonus does not require the presentation of theISEE, therefore it is granted regardless of the applicant’s equivalent economic situation.

One of the distinctive aspects of the facades bonus is that there is no maximum spending limit, so there is no cap on the deduction that you can benefit from.

Bonus facades: the news of DL Relaunch. Discount on invoice and credit transfer

Finally, we point out one of the innovations introduced by article 121 of decree-law no. 34 of 2020, more commonly known as the Relaunch Decree.

In fact, the possibility has been introduced to use, as an alternative to deductions in 10 annual installments, the discount on the invoice or the assignment of credit.

In the first case, a direct discount is provided on the amount due up to a maximum amount equal to the amount itself, advanced by the suppliers who carried out the interventions and recovered by the latter in the form of a tax credit, equal to the deduction due.

In the case of the assignment of the credit, the latter can be transferred to a subject, for example a bank, which settles the amount of the deduction due to the applicant.

Facade bonus: from 2022 it drops to 75%?

The facades bonus has been extended until December 31, 2021 and after that date it will likely be revised.

The hypothesis is that this bonus, together with others relating to properties, such as the restructuring bonus and the Superbonus, can be incorporated into an all-inclusive measure with a rate of 75% for everyone.

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