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Weather report Italy

SITUATION. A mild low pressure sack located on France takes advantage of the weakening of the northern edge of the anticyclone present between Central Europe and the Mediterranean and is responsible for a certain deterioration of the weather on some of our regions. A front that departs from its center has reached the western Alpine arc, resulting in a worsening of the weather with the arrival of some rain. At the same time a cloudy system rising from the Afro-Mediterranean latitudes reached Italy starting from Sardinia and Tyrrhenian regions, with rains that intensify at the start of the day, especially in Tuscany and Lazio. Partially involved Sicily, with some rains that from the Trapani area reached the Palermo area. On the rest of Italy, the day begins more stable, even if over the Adriatic regions the skies are often clouded by high veils and stratifications, linked to the most advanced part of the cloudy front advancing from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. In the morning clouds, rains or showers over the western Alps, cloudy even over most of the central Tyrrhenian regions, including Sardinia, with rain especially over Tuscany and Lazio. Instability destined to intensify in the afternoon in all the Alpine areas where some showers or thunderstorms are expected, in local extension from the afternoon to the Piedmontese plain. In the evening, intensification of showers over a large part of the Po Valley, even thunderstorms, especially north of the Po but in isolation as far as Emilia, while bright spells will affect the western Alps. Some downpours are expected as far as the central-northern Apennines and the inland areas of Sardinia afternoon, while the morning rains on the Tyrrhenian coasts will become more and more sporadic, even with the persistence of a scattered and irregular cloudiness and some rainfall only on inland Tuscany. On Southern Italy, the sun is overshadowed by high stratifications in transit and some extra thickening on the Apennines. Maximum temperatures slightly decreasing in the Northwest and in the Tyrrhenian regions, almost stable elsewhere with maximum temperatures up to 32/33 ° C in Romagna, inland areas of eastern Sicily, Tavoliere and Materano. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

Italy weather Saturday

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