Toddler sells his Pokémon cards to heal the sick dog. And an unexpected gift arrives

His four-legged best friend was sick and so, at just eight years old, the little one Bryson Killean he decided to give up one of the things he loved most in the world in order to save him: his collection of Pokémon cards. His good deed, however, was noticed by the sticker company who rewarded him with an unexpected gift.

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Bryson and his family could not afford $ 700 to pay for the care of their dog Bruce, who is affected by canine parvovirus, a disease that primarily affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems in puppies, which can lead to death if not treated in time. So the boy decided to open a stall outside his home in Virginia (United States) to sell his precious Pokémon cards and raise money to save his dog. “I know everyone likes Pokémon cards, so I decided to sell them,” Bryson told a local broadcaster.

The news became so popular that the Pokémon headquarters staff, after learning of Bryson’s sacrifice, decided to send him a precious set of very rare cards as a gift to replace the ones he sold. “Hey Bryson, you inspired us with your story about selling cards to save your dog. These are some cards that will help you replace the ones you were supposed to give away, ”read the unexpected note.

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To raise the money, the baby’s parents opened an online page from which they surprisingly raised a sum of $ 5,000. Now the family will use the superfluous donations to pay for future vaccinations for Bruce and the other sick dogs in the community.


Toddler sells Pokémon cards heal sick dog unexpected gift arrives

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