game development is in the final stages

game development is in the final stages
game development is in the final stages

Horizon Forbidden West is among the exclusives Sony more awaited for the foreseeable future, and the owners of PS5 e PS4 are waiting patiently to find out what will be the official release date for the new adventure of Aloy. And perhaps it may not be too short of confirmation in this sense.

According to what was stated by Mathijs de Jonge, director of the game, during an interview with Hardware Zone, the new title of Guerrilla Games it would by now come at final stages of development. The director confirms that the team is currently struggling with the technical refinements and that everything related to the game mechanics and missions has been completed. To be behind in development would be only some of the robotic creatures that we will meet during the Forbidden West, which require further work to be perfected in every detail. But everything else seems to be in compliance with the expected times.

The words of de Jonge therefore feed the hope that the new open world Action / RPG of Guerrilla can be released by the end of 2021, although for the moment no date has yet been officially confirmed. In the last few days, clarifications had already arrived on the release of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4: the same de Jonge in an interview with Game Informer he had in fact made it clear that the team would like to be completely sure of the status of the works at the time of revealing the date, and that therefore it will be necessary to have a little more patience. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West will support ray tracing on PS5, thus ensuring an even more immersive experience on Sony’s next-gen console.


game development final stages

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