Covid, summer at 34. But Pesaro and Ascoli it is better to turn them off to enter (and stay) in the white zone

ANCONA – The picture is overall positive, but in the Market the slowdown in the contagion remains less marked than in most other regions. On Thursday, the incidence rate was 34, therefore well below the threshold of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and, if the trend remains at these levels for the next two weeks, as anticipated several times, the white area, with the consequent relaxation of the restrictive measures.

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The two provinces to be tamed
Two provinces, however, have not yet managed to descend below that thin red line that determines the nuance of color: it is Pesaro Urbino, which closed the weekly monitoring with a rate of 53, and Ascoli Piceno, still at 57. L ‘highest weekly incidence is recorded in the age groups between 3 and 5 years (90.29), between 6 and 10 years (81.34) and between 19 and 24 years (76.57) , however, all in decline, while the vaccine effect can be clearly seen in the very low numbers among the population aged 70 and over.
In addition, in the weekly report prepared by the Higher Institute of Health, the Marches are the only ones to register a percentage between 5 and 50% in the probability of exceeding, in the next 30 days (projection referring to 1 July), the employment threshold. of the beds in intensive care (set at 30%) and in the medical area (40%). All the other Regions score a probability of less than 5% (only the province of Trento oscillates between 5 and 50%, but only for intensive care). However, the picture that emerges from the daily report of the Regional Health Service allows us to draw a much more positive picture of the hospitalization situation, which is still decreasing: yesterday, there were 18 inpatients in intensive care, a figure down by four units compared to the day. the number of beds in the medical area was also decreasing (52 compared to 54 the previous day).

The number of patients
On the other hand, the number of semi-intensive patients increased by one, passing from 42 to 43. The piece of discharged patients also goes into the puzzle (yesterday 14) and for the third consecutive day there were no deaths. Now almost all the territorial structures that housed patients affected by the virus are Covid free: only Villa Serena (with 6 patients in the medical area), the Rsa Campofilone, the Fossombrone structure and that of the Irca Doric Residence remain operational. In general, the number of hospitals hosting Covid patients also decreases, as per the pandemic plan: retracing it backwards, in the end only the hospitals of Torrette and Marche north will have to take charge of them, and the Asur hospital of San Benedetto for the intensive therapies, and the Fermo hospital as a reference in the medical area. In addition, of course, to the “lung” represented by the Covid Hospital of Civitanova.

Less than in other territories
All in all a positive situation, but less so than other territories. And also the Rt index – which is no longer used as a parameter to determine the position in one of the risk bands, but still takes a picture of the epidemiological trend – testifies to this: again according to the IIS report, in the week between on 24 and 30 May, the Marches RT settled at 0.8 (therefore below the risk threshold set at 1). Only the autonomous provinces of Bolzano (0.99) and Trento (0.93) are worse than us, while Valle d’Aosta accompanies us with 0.8. In general, however, the overall risk classification is considered low, as in the rest of Italy. That the virus is slowing down its course is also shown by the data on the infection that are released every day by the Health Service. Out of 1160 swabs processed in the new diagnosis path (of which 316 in the screening with the Antigenic path), yesterday 71 positive cases were recorded throughout the region, of which 26 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 22 in that of Ascoli Piceno – which confirm the most reluctant to bend the curve – eight in Ancona, five in Fermano and five in the province of Macerata. Of the 71 total, just 17 were symptomatic positive cases.


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