she plays well and is different from the others, therefore she is dangerous-

she plays well and is different from the others, therefore she is dangerous-
she plays well and is different from the others, therefore she is dangerous-

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Italy plays well and plays in a way that is almost unknown to the others, because they press without uncovering themselves, waiting for the counterattack. But he plays it artfully, all first and with a very high quality of execution. So have we already won? Of course not, but we will participate, we will be active, no one will be able to underestimate Italy. Because he plays well. He has ideas and the skills to manage them. These are not Friday’s game considerations, they are known to conclude a three-year construction period. a beautiful job has been done. There have been stronger national teams, this is the first without the blocks of the big teams, a fresco put together with a thousand puffs of different painting. I would say that the first good Italian team since the dawn of the 2000s when 65% of our players started arriving from abroad. What this varr we will know within a month.

Europeans 2021: all the insights

To date we have been much stronger than opponents who were naturally inferior to us. Now the real games begin. We arrive with curiosity, our clear difference, we have updated the counterattack to the best football today. This happens at the right time because everyone today leaves space behind. And because four to five players of ours have the lost quality of short lines in a world that plays everything the same way. I don’t think we’re the best, I think we’re different. A man is missing, but that too is a problem perhaps overcome. In a mosaic team, the great leader sometimes becomes one more word.

Welcome to Raspadori. His arrival at the last minute demonstrates the diversity of Mancini’s management, who goes on for ideas rather than for consequences of the championship. In short, a good day to start. The rest we will understand.

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