the scam this time is very dangerous

the scam this time is very dangerous
the scam this time is very dangerous

A bogus invitation to grab a very expensive bag from the well-known Hermès brand. WhatsApp becomes the involuntary vehicle of a three-zero scam.

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Other than messaging app. WhatsApp, in recent times, has had to deal with some problems that go far beyond the simple problems related to privacy (which had already proved rather complicated). The world of scams, it has long been understood, has somehow ridden the pandemic time, adapting to the massive use of online users for any transaction, including banking services. A use that, in some way, has exposed the danger of various types of scams. And WhatsApp was not saved. Indeed, the very wide use of this app by users has meant that it became one of the most vulnerable to cheating.

The latest in chronological order is particularly subtle. A message that involves a famous fashion brand but which, for those who are not very careful, can hide a trap. The (fake) invitation would come from Hermès, the luxury brand known for its extremely expensive pieces. Which in itself makes the “offer” that is proposed via WhatsApp suspect. A proposal that, according to what was written by the scammers, celebrates an important date in the history of the French brand.

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WhatsApp, beware of the (new) scam: never click on suspicious links

And we are already off track, because in June 2021 there is no anniversary attributable to Hermès. In the message, then, we talk about a rather expensive gift, a bag belonging to the Kelly collection, or one of the most precious pieces of the boutique, whose model it was even developed in the 1930s by Robert Dumas, who would direct Hermès from 1951 to 1978. A name that will say a lot to movie stars or those who, like them, earn enough to be able to get close to a piece of similar workmanship. Suffice it to say that, at an auction in Hong Kong, a bag sold for over 300,000 euros.

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Premises that lead to understand how, in reality, giving a Kelly as a gift is absolutely out of reach. On the message in question, you are invited to click on a link, so as to directly access the procedures for grabbing the “present” from WhatsApp. Hermès, however, he has no interest in giving away a bag of such value and this should be enough to make it clear that it may be a scam. Also because, once you enter the link, the scammers require a deposit for the shipping costs. Money that, of course, would disappear into the black hole. The advice is the same as always: never click on suspicious links.

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