the crash is fatal. Accident at the Carabinieri patrol

Fatal autonomous leak this evening in Cordignano: OJA a 37 year old American soldier stationed in Aviano was traveling along via Redipuglia at about 20.30 last night when for reasons yet to be defined, but probably related to high speed, he lost control of the vehicle, crashing into a light pole.

The man was arriving from Ponte della Muda riding his white and orange Ktm and just after the half bend towards Cordignano he moved to the right, cutting it and ending up off the road.

The alarm was raised by the residents of the area who also tried to give him the first treatment while waiting for the Suem but despite the intervention of the operators and 40 minutes of resuscitation, for the man there was nothing more to do .

An ambulance, a car, the carabinieri of Vittorio Veneto and a military member of the Aviano base arrived on the spot for recognition.

The road was closed to traffic for about an hour and a half but in the meantime, about 300 meters away, another accident occurred: this time two cars were involved.

A gray Alfa was crossing the traffic light intersection between Pontebbana and Via Vittorio Veneto when it hit the right side of a Carabinieri car, which was arriving in emergency in support of the reliefs for the fatal accident.

The causes of the impact would be attributable to the lack of perception of the sirens and flashing lights by the Alfa.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the traffic police took care of carrying out the findings of the accident.

(Photo: © reserved reproduction).


crash fatal Accident Carabinieri patrol

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