Fire of Florence, terrible damage count. “It will take months to restart”

Florence, June 5, 2021 – The flames are out, and the devastation of the shopping center of Bridge to Strike it appeared in all its dramatic reality. Firefighters spent the night putting out the fire that broke out while a maintenance company was replacing the tar sheath on the roof.

It was a tough battle, yesterday morning around nine they went out you still smoke from the area of ​​the flames. The damage is enormous, it will take millions of euros to put everything back together: the Unicoop supermarket is practically destroyed. The beams have imploded on the shelves, everywhere there is devastation.

Severely damaged too and negozi the commercial gallery, the post office, the Mediaworld space. It will take months and resources to start over.

Yesterday morning the chairman of the supervisory board of Unicoop Firenze, Daniela Mori made a first inspection outside; subsequently an assembly was called with the workers and trade union parties. “The workers will all be relocated,” he said Claudio Vanni of Unicoop Firenze – in the local points of sale so as not to lack support for members and customers. We are preparing additional services for members and customers, connecting shuttles and Sunday openings of smaller and closer shops (Scandicci via Aleardi and viale Talenti all’Isolotto open from 8 to 13 from 6 June). We are also considering the possibility of a possible refund of the tram ticket. But on this day I want to thank the employees for completing a masterful evacuation of the facility. This despite the fact that several asked to pay for the shopping and go out with envelopes. It is thanks to their competence and their commitment that the fire only damaged objects and structures and there was no damage to people “.

With the investigation of the prosecutor the property is under seizure, until it is released it will not be possible to estimate the damages, try to hypothesize a path to start over. A cancellation also for the operators of the shops, who were trying to leave again after the difficulties related to the pandemic.

«As soon as we can enter the building with the technicians – said Vanni – we will start belly on the ground to work. We received calls from members who even wanted to start fundraising to redo the shop, and the solidarity of the firefighters who came to put out the flames. A mobilization that certainly does not leave us insensitive “.

Once the blow is over, we will really have to roll up our sleeves. The flames but above all the heat given off in the fire they folded the structures, melted the shelves. The roof was opened, a good part of the prefabricated beams crumbled in the combustion. From that hell we can start again but we have to understand everything: what the costs will be, what kind of intervention will be necessary to complete and above all how long it will take.

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Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire of Florence, terrible damage count.


Fire Florence terrible damage count months restart

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