Lombard territorial health reform: Moratti indicates the lines and suggests sharing

Lombard territorial health reform: Moratti indicates the lines and suggests sharing
Lombard territorial health reform: Moratti indicates the lines and suggests sharing

For the improvement of the Lombard territorial health “we have followed the indications of Agenas, which are prescriptive”. This was stated by the Councilor for Welfare and Vice President of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti, speaking at the conference “Models of governance of regional health and social health services in comparison” at Palazzo Pirelli in Milan.

“This law – continued the commissioner – intends to intervene where improvements are needed. Certainly therefore in the area of ​​territorial health “. The development lines of the review indicate “in a very precise way how we are going to strengthen local health care”, taking into account, explained Moratti, the regulation sent by the government to Europe “relating to health with regard to the NRP”.

With regard to governance, “we reconfirm the role of political guidance by the Welfare Department, the high planning policy by the Welfare General Manager, which will strengthen its leadership role, the planning by Ats and the provision by public and private providers. Therefore a very precise governance ”, said Letizia Moratti, who re-proposes“ the distinction between provision and programming that has always existed in our region ”.

– On the revision of the Lombard Healthcare reform law “we are open to all additions and to consider all points of view in order to arrive at a reform that we hope will be as shared as possible, in the awareness that healthcare is a public good and not it can be the prerogative of a party. So we hope for constructive contributions – concluded Letizia Moratti – and to have a reform that is as shared as possible. “” We have foreseen in a very precise way the time schedule of the works – he explained – By September we will identify the sites that could be for the houses of the community and community hospitals. By December we will have a precise indication of the locations of the 216 Community Houses and Community Hospitals to reach a government program agreement by March. Certainly with the aim of approving the law by the end of the year, to have in addition to the important Lombard resources provided, 700 million euros for territorial health, the resources deriving from the NRP.

Letizia Moratti summarized the principles that inspire the review. “The text – he said – contains the paths that we believe can be improved. These are paths that arise from comparisons already made in previous hearings, through the Commission of Wise Men and thanks also to the contribution of Agenas who indicated us points necessary for the improvement of the law and other points considered optional but which can contribute to the improvement of the law ” .

“It will be the first law – continued Moratti – that will take into account the ‘One Earth’ approach, therefore with a holistic vision that will certainly lead us to improve our approach to health thanks to a virtuous interconnection between interventions related to environment and interventions related to health, which will consequently lead to an improvement in human health “.

Among the principles reaffirmed the theme of free choice by citizen patients “both of the structures and of the professionals who accompany him in the treatment path” and “the contribution that the private individual has always given in Lombardy, in a virtuous competition that has allowed an increase in the overall quality of the system, as – said Letizia Moratti – it was recently certified by the Future Health Foundation, which put Lombardy in first place for 72 performance indicators, reconfirming an excellent healthcare ”. The councilor for welfare also stressed that the one under discussion will be the first regional law that will take into account the NRP.

“Let’s start from the fact that this is the revision of law 23, there is no distortion to the text”

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