Mayor of Rome, pressing by Giorgia Meloni and Forza Italia approaches Michetti. Salvini: I’ll wait for Tuesday

Mayor of Rome, pressing by Giorgia Meloni and Forza Italia approaches Michetti. Salvini: I’ll wait for Tuesday
Mayor of Rome, pressing by Giorgia Meloni and Forza Italia approaches Michetti. Salvini: I’ll wait for Tuesday

Tuesday closes for Rome. This is what all the leaders of the center-right promised who continue in the casting work ‘to find who will challenge in the capital Rays, Gualtieri e Calenda. And the most beaten track at the moment seems to be the one that leads to the candidacy of the lawyer Michetti who yesterday met both Salvini that Tajani, as has already been done with Judge Matone.

“I have a very good opinion of both of them. They love Rome, they know Rome and have clear ideas. They guarantee the Romans true change, pride and efficiency after the disasters of recent years. I am not cheering for either one or the other, but for the center-right and the victory, ”explained the leader of the League. In short, the feedback is positive and, even if it would prefer to focus on those who enjoy greater popularity, it will not make barricades. On the other hand, the League’s request had been secretly advanced in the last meeting but clear enough: “Meloni must be the candidate for the nomination,” the reasoning.

Towards the vote / The uniform worn by the mayor of Rome

A way to possibly unload a possible defeat on her but also to prepare for the game on the Regionals, with FdI focusing on the party leader in the Lollobrigida Chamber. But the Captain of the party in via Bellerio aims more than anything else not to ensure that Michetti’s candidacy is totally framed as a name of the Brothers of Italy. Hence the continuous push and pull. Judge Matone is still in the game, but in the end the columnist of Radio Radio ‘who yesterday gave a lecture at the foundation of FdI should win. To do so, however, the Brothers of Italy targeted the resistance of FI, with Berlusconi who, still yesterday at the top via zoom with the executives, pleaded the cause of Gasparri in Rome and Lupi in Milan.
An opposition that, however, precisely the insistence of FdI, would be about to capitulate. So although Gasparri does not intend to support Michetti next week the white smoke should arrive, precisely with the endorsement of Berlusconi’s party.

Landfill in Rome, Cingolani: “We also need one in the capital”

The others

Forza Italia will thus have the ok for Occhiuto’s candidacy in Calabria, while in Bologna Senator Cangini is in contention, who has given his availability but publisher Mugavero has greater chances. In Naples it is made for the magistrate Maresca. Still fog on who will race in Milan. Among the candidates was also added, on the proposal of FI, Oscar di Montigny, son-in-law of Doris of Mediolanum but it is not excluded that in the end he converges on Lupi. In addition to the former minister in dance Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia, the managers Ruggieri and Minoli while the Bocconi professor Dallocchio would have paraded.

In any case, Rome remains the most important box. “I continue to remain available”, said Michetti at the end of the meeting with Salvini, “the candidacies are things that do not depend on me”. The Roman lawyer explained his program to the leader of the League and stressed that if the center-right converges on his name, he will support a truly inclusive electoral campaign for all center-right parties. An attempt, obviously, not to appear too branded ‘the FdI.

Mayor of Rome, Salvini: “Matone and Michetti excellent names for Capital efficiency”

At the same time, the fear in the Brothers of Italy is that the party secretary in via Bellerio and even Berlusconi may slip away at a later time. Thesis in any case rejected by the secretary Lumbard ‘: “We play to win, so next week I will try to get everyone to agree”. On the other hand, the name seems on the verge of convincing everyone. In fact, even the centrists are for the “Mr Wolf of the mayors”, as he was baptized by Meloni. On the contrary, they were the first to put forward the name and it was no coincidence that the president of Fdi explained that “the candidacy in any case does not start with the Brothers of Italy”.

The maneuvers are still in progress, therefore, but time is running out. The match that will open in the coming weeks will be on the lists. Because the candidates present themselves as civics and resist some names and the parties of the alliance will duel to avoid that there is some political force that is benefited from the others.

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