Salvini’s ambitious move to stem Meloni (with too many unknowns) –

Salvini’s ambitious move to stem Meloni (with too many unknowns) –
Salvini’s ambitious move to stem Meloni (with too many unknowns) –

There was already a step and you know how it ended. Now Salvini tries again, but without the charisma that Berlusconi had and discounting the risk of dividing that field that the leader of the League would like to unite. And there that awaits him Meloni.

In the idea of ​​the leader of the Carroccio the federation of the center-right groups in government would be born with the prospect of constituting a cartel of forces that would then present itself under the same symbol at the polls. It is obvious to interpret this move as an expedient to avoid overtaking the Brothers of Italy, which the projections in the polls put into account. We will see if the Knight will pass from words to deeds, if he will formalize the parliamentary merger of Forza Italia with the League and if the agreement between the two allies is really linked to the imminent race to the Colle, where Berlusconi dreams of arriving.

But the theme is another: Salvini’s ambitious operation brings with it the uncertainty of approximation, it appears in fact too fast, poorly prepared at national and territorial level, with many political processes still pending and some contradictions to be overcome. It is true that the Northern League secretary is forced by events to speed up times, because if the government’s horizon is the natural conclusion of the legislature, if – as he himself said – we will support Draghi until 2023, then he must gear up for a tiring marathon.

And the current parties, all the parties, even those of the center-left, do not have the breath and the pace today to hold up for another year and a half. They will have to regenerate, in some cases reinvent themselves, without knowing if they will succeed. But the re-foundation of the political system is presented as an unavoidable step and the temptation to take a dangerous shortcut, because in that case the road taken could turn out to be a dead end. In fact, to risk Salvini more than Berlusconi: the crisis in which Forza Italia has been suffering for some time – crossed by an internal fault that divides the fate of parliamentarians but also of government officials – may allow Cavaliere to clarify certain ambiguities.

The head of the League, on the other hand, must respond to a party that has the ambition to lead the country in the future and which, however, finds itself engaged in a competition with the Brothers of Italy. In the one hundred days in the Draghi cabinet, Salvini played different roles: at times he contrasted with the premier’s line, at others he was consistent with the commitment made in the act of trust. While Meloni has built his action by presenting himself as a ruling party that is in opposition, to the point of obtaining the role of interlocutor of Palazzo Chigi. Thus it has increased the virtual consensus in the polls. And now that Salvini is launching her another challenge, the leader of FdI responds by targeting the weak point of the project built by the ally-opponent: I don’t believe in cold mergers.

Evoking the running board, Meloni he not only recalled the failure of the PDL, he also raised – without mentioning it – the problem that the former Minister of the Interior will soon have to solve: the European location of the gathering. Forza Italia and UDC belong to the Popolari family, while the Carroccio is still formally linked to the French of the Front National and the Germans of Afd. It is evident the effort of the Northern League secretary to get out of that corner and move towards the center also in Europe, as the dicc Cesa says, who gives credit to Salvini’s design and remembers how for many years in Strasbourg the name of the group was Ppe -De, because it also federated conservatives.

The federation of the center-right in Rome government not yet born and the knots to be solved are already being enumerated. Therefore Salvini’s is more than a relaunch all-in. In Parliament, to keep the groups united, a compromise will have to be found that goes beyond the choice of their presidents in the Chamber and the Senate. On the territory, in order to avoid bleeding, it is necessary to involve pieces of the ruling class that until now have been competing for consensus. In Europe, in order not to be irrelevant, a choice of field will be necessary that does not contemplate ambiguous positions. In Italy, to play a role, it will be established how to direct the numerical strength of the federation in the reform process that the government is launching. That is enough, before having to think of an electoral symbol that would no longer be that of the Lega or that of Forza Italia. Here is the intersection at which Meloni awaits. But Salvini has no other avenues if in the future he wants to return to Palazzo Chigi from the main door.

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