The Quirino Theater in the Sciarra Gallery

The Quirino Theater in the Sciarra Gallery
The Quirino Theater in the Sciarra Gallery

From Saturday 5 June to Saturday 2 October 2021 the Quirino Theater will repeat, enriched and enlarged, the successful season of cultural events which, in September 2020, achieved great success in the magnificent setting of the Sciarra Gallery, built between 1885 and 1888 by Principe Maffeo Barberini Column of Sciarra.

An authentic architectural masterpiece signed by Giulio De Angelis, symbol of the taste of the time: the great use of cast iron, an exquisite series of liberty decorations by Giuseppe Cellini that develops an avant-garde theme for the time: the Glorification of Woman. The cover is made of iron and glass.

“The show in the gallery”, with the patronage of Anac and the City of Rome Department of Cultural Growth, starting from the theme proposed by Cellini’s decorations, will address the issue of gender equality, the fight against violence, enriching the billboard, which it includes cultural and entertainment events, with meetings, conferences and moments of reflection and dissemination. Journalists, intellectuals, scholars and protagonists of the civil debate will speak. In this way, the Quirino Theater intends to contribute, with a precise civil choice, to the implementation of the principles of equal opportunity, promoting in parallel the culture of legality and respect for the rules as a weapon against gender violence and against all discrimination. All without losing sight of the vocation – in this main moment – of the Quirino Theater: to bring the audience closer to the live show in a safe and multifunctional space. The Gallery will become a living room with many faces: space for live music, for debates and comparisons, for interviews with characters. All this will take place in strict compliance with all the anti Covid regulations in force.

These are fifteen gastronomic-cultural events that will take place on a weekly basis over the course of four months, from Saturday 5 June to Saturday 2 October 2021. Each appointment will be offered in combination with a dinner during the show, always in strict compliance with the anti Covid.

Opening night

Saturday 5th June

Ore 19: Pino Strabioli talks with Veronica Pivetti on “Women and gender equality”

ore 20: welcome cocktail

ore 21: Monica Guerritore
What only about her. Women prisoners of extraordinary loves

What I know about her is inspired by a case of crime news: the terrible femicide of Giulia Trigona, aunt of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Premio Strega 1959 with The Leopard), in March 1911. Monica Guerritore reconstructs the last fragment of Giulia Trigona’s life: the slow advance along the corridor that the Woman goes through to get to room 8 of a small hotel where in the early afternoon of a rainy day in March her ex-lover is waiting for her and where she will be massacred with twenty-seven stab wounds. In M. Guerritore’s writing, the half-closed doors of the seven rooms that precede room number 8 host the fatal moments, the sentimental fragility that diverted his life and will be evoked with the passion and fury that only the imaginary characters who inhabit the dream world have. To give them body and voice will be, through fragments of shows or memories of the actress, the “characters” she interpreted: Marianne di Scene da un Marriage, Liubov Andreevna di The Cherry Garden, La Lupa, Signorina Giulia, Emma Bovary, Oriana Fallaci, Carmen.
Each character of them inhabits a room.
Room 1: the Betrayal; room 2: the Loss of childhood; room 3: Eros or Pan; room 4: the Fall; room 5: Prey and Predators; room 6: the rude women; room 7: False security. Each of them tells the stages of self-annihilation. Each of them will say what the Woman can no longer say.

What I know about her (first Longanesi edition; second and third TeaLibri edition)

Shows in the Gallery

Saturday 12 June: D’Acqua and Di Rosi, concert with Mario Incudine (vocals and guitar).

Saturday 19 June: Erminio Sinni in concert with Erminio Sinni (piano), Paolo Grillo (double bass), Gianluca Capitani (drums), Marcello Siringano (violin), Alberto Lombardi (guitar).

Saturday 26 June: Emmet Ray Manouche 4ET with Piji (vocals, rhythm guitar), Gian Piero Lo Piccolo (clarinet), Egidio Marchitelli (solo guitar), Francesco Saverio Capo (double bass), and the participation of Simone Colombari (narrator).

Saturday 3rd July: Carosone 100!, jazz concert with Lorenzo Hengeller (piano and voice).

Saturday 10 July: Piero Mazzocchetti Tonight, with Piero Mazzocchetti (vocals), Francesco Mammola (mandolin), Pierluigi Santullo (piano).

Saturday 17 July: Argentine sounds between Tango and Folkrore, Tango performance and live music.

Sunday 18th July: So far, so close. Nicoletta Della Corte sings Paolo Conte and Fabrizio De André.

July 24 At dinner with belcanto, lyric concert with Costanza Fontana (soprano), Francesco Lucii (tenor), Mirco Roverelli (piano).

July 31 Fragile friend, concert Francesco Centarrì (vocals), Salvo Beffumo (double bass), Luccio Nicolosi (piano) Alessandro Borgia (drums), and Simona Sciacca (vocals).

September 4th The enchantment of dreams, opera concert with Francesca Salvatorelli (soprano), Matteo Mezzaro (tenor), Mirco Roverelli (piano).

Sept. 11 Francesco Centarrì Quartet, concert with Francesco Centarrì (vocals), Luccio Nicolosi (piano), Salvo Beffumo (double bass), Alessandro Borgia (drums).

September 18 Jumpin’ up, swing concert with Tony Marino (vocals), Giuseppe Montalbano (guitar), Peppe Falzone (drums), Andrea Di Fiore (double bass), Carmelo Sacco (tenor sax), Michele Mazzola (baritone sax), Nicola Genualdi (trumpet), Giuseppe Vasapolli (piano).

September 25 Who I miss is you, homage to Rino Gaetano with Marco Morandi and Claudia Campagnola. Written and directed by Toni Fornari.

2nd October White and black from Joplin’s Ragtime to the first recordings of “Jass”, jazz concert with Alessandro Panatter’s Alexander’s Ragtime Band.

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