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an unsolved cold case that perhaps will find a solution, but also a family and mafia drama that is almost Shakespearean, studded with feuds and atrocious deaths. In 1995 a young man allegedly killed his sister, daughter of a historic Mafia clan in the Catania area linked to Cosa Nostra, because she was cheating on her husband with members of his clan and of a rival. the accusation against Alessandro Alleruzzo, 47, son of the deceased boss Giuseppe and recipient of an order of precautionary guardians for the murder of his sister, Nunzia, mother of a 5-year-old child, killed with two shots to the head and then made to disappear.

Disappeared from home in 1995

The woman had disappeared from home on May 30, 1995. That day her 5-year-old son said he saw her going out with his uncle Alessandro. According to a repentant, Alleruzzo himself told him that he had killed his own sister to redeem the honor of the family. Alessandro Alleruzzo the son of the late boss Giuseppe who in the 70s and 80s led the Patern di Cosa Nostra group, at the center of bloody mafia feuds, linked to the Santapaola family of Catania. also a 67-year-old cousin of Santo Alleruzzo, known as a viper, believed to be the regent of the clan until his last arrest as part of the operation Under check of the Dda of Catania.

The discovery of the body in a vintage photo (Ansa)
The declarations of the repentant

As part of the mafia wars, Giuseppe Alleruzzo mourned the murder of his wife and another son of his and decided to collaborate with justice. On March 25, 1998, soldiers from the Patern Company’s Operating Unit, after two anonymous phone calls, found the remains of a woman in a well, including a skull with two holes caused by gunshots. They were those of Nunzia Alleruzzo. From prison, Santo Alleruzzo would have ordered his cousin Alessandro to have his sister’s body found for burial. The recent statements of three repentant mafiosi – Francesco Bonomo, Antonino Giuseppe Cal and Orazio Farina – have allowed us to reconstruct the dynamics and motive of the crime. Nunzia Alleruzzo was allegedly murdered by her brother Alessandro because the woman had had numerous romantic relationships with members of the clan, abandoning her husband.

Blood, earth and family feuds

Cal also said he learned directly from Alessandro Alleruzzo that it was he who killed his sister, to redeem the family’s honor. Collaborator Farina added that Giovanni Messina was among the lovers of Nunzia Alleruzzo, member of the group that had killed the woman’s mother and who thought of killing her brother Alessandro. At the reopening of the investigation, earlier this year, the DDA of Catania ordered wiretapping in the cell of the Asti prison where Messina (believed to be one of the lovers of the murdered woman) and Salvatore Assinnata, commenting on articles of press reporting the news of the police investigations stated: … Alessandro the principal? Huh? Ammazzau …, or Alessando the principal, killed her. Now in prison on charges of multiple voluntary murder Alessandro Alleruzzo, the 47-year-old brother. Accused of having killed his sister Nunzia with two shots of a 765 caliber pistol in the head.

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