“Wish for death. No student spirit, it’s a crime” – Il Tempo

“Wish for death. No student spirit, it’s a crime” – Il Tempo
“Wish for death. No student spirit, it’s a crime” – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

04 June 2021

At the center of the debate on Thursday 3 June’s episode of Dritto e Rovescio is Giorgia Meloni. The in-depth talk conducted by Paolo Del Debbio, broadcast on Rete4, returns to talk about the provocation against the leader of the Brothers of Italy, who with her biography “Io sono Giorgia” finds herself having to deal with some shelves of libraries, including Feltrinelli, “tampered with”. At the moment Giorgia Meloni’s book is among the most read despite the many criticisms of the left and the social media campaigns that have led some people to turn the volumes on the shelves, placing them upside down, a clear allusion to Piazzale Loreto. In the studio we discuss the responsibility for what happened, is it the fault of the bookstores or is it just, albeit very serious, someone’s isolated gesture? The answer is Giovanni Donzelli, deputy of the Brothers of Italy: “I don’t think it’s Feltrinelli, but I think it’s the gesture of a fool who has passed, it would be very serious if the bookstore had done it” – explains Donzelli. “Oh but someone you turn them over, those books “- urges Del Debbio.

Another guest, however, Giuliano Granato, exponent of Potere al Popolo, belittles the gravity of the gesture, bringing it back to mere goliardia: “This right wing of today has lost a bit of self-irony …”. The tones heat up but Granato insists: “For years this right wing has been talking to us about student spirit in front of people in Nazi uniforms. The professor? Even the actor Jim Carrey had drawn Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci upside down … That what is unacceptable is the tale you keep repeating, Meloni victim, Brothers of Italy victim. Are you bored: is it censorship? But what censorship, Meloni’s book is the best-selling, Meloni is on all TVs, but of what do you speak? “At this point Donzelli does not hold on and blurts out:” Censorship is the arrogance of those like you, if they put you upside down, you say that it is goliards or do you get angry? inciting violence is a crime! “. The tussle in Del Debbio’s studio is difficult to contain, the two keep talking over each other, then Granato attacks again: “I understand that you are used to abuse, I don’t get bullied by the right and I don’t shut up”.

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